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BLOG: South of Scotland opinion poll explained

Nearly six months ago our first Representing Border poll showed the No campaign had a significant lead in the south of Scotland.

Since then, Scotland-wide polls have shown the gap between Yes and No narrowing across the country.

Our second poll shows clearly that is not the case in Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders.

I spoke to both the Yes Scotland and Better Together campaigns today to get their reaction, which you can see in depth on tonight's Representing Border.

Yes Scotland, while disappointed, say that voters are only beginning properly to engage in the debate now.

They say they will re-double their efforts to win over people in southern Scotland.

They point to a recent 'Yes' rally in Selkirk which was attended by more than 500 people as a measure of the commitment of their activists.

Better Together, while pleased, say they too will continue to work to ensure that this poll finding is replicated in real votes on ballot papers come September 18.

They say they 'don't do' rallies but just get on with campaigning on the ground to make their case.

The No side are convinced that our poll reflects the fact that people in the south of Scotland are, by definition, closer to England and therefore have stronger ties to the UK.

The Yes side believe that once the benefits of independence are fully explained - they cite their claims Scotland would be more prosperous and fair country - the tide will turn their way.

There are three long months for Yes Scotland to win over support for a 'Yes' vote on September 18.

But our poll shows that the independence campaign has a long, hard slog ahead of it between now and referendum day if it is to win over the south of Scotland.

Full Analysis of Results

Representing Border, presented by ITV Border’s Political Editor Peter MacMahon, will have full details and analysis of the results. Representing Border is broadcast on Freeview in the South of Scotland at 22.35pm on Tuesday 17 June and at 23:05 on Thursday 19 June.

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