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Website promoting Whitehaven created by teenager

Luke Johnstone has created a website promoting Whitehaven Photo: ITV News Border

He's not old enough to drive around his home town yet, but teenager Luke Johnston isn't backwards about coming forwards on Whitehaven.

After council cuts closed the town's tourist information centre, Luke looked for a solution to the problem and a spot of digital dexterity was called for.

The teenager has now set up his own website promoting Whitehaven.

The town no longer has a tourist information centre Credit: ITV News Border

"Whitehaven is a really good town, there's loads of different attractions. There's The Beacon, The Rum Story, The Haig Museum, loads of other places that you can visit when you come on your holiday."

– Luke Johnston, creator of Visit Whitehaven

Luke's website is full of facts and features on the town and, in the last year, he's had over 20,000 hits on the site.

On it you can access everything from what's on in Whitehaven to a list of local businesses and, his efforts haven't gone unnoticed.

The site has already had over 20,000 hits Credit: ITV News Border

"Every town needs young blood to come through, and it needs entrepreneurial ideas, and entrepreneurial young people, and that's exactly what Luke is.

"We are a town in what was often described, years ago, as the biggest Cul de Sac in history, there's not much between here and the A66, so you have to be telling people all the time, you have to tell visitors to the lakes that we do exist, not just as a business, but as a town itself. And the more businesses that do that, the more the message gets across."

– Gerard Richardson OBE, local businessman

The teenage digital dynamo, is also a member of the Whitehaven Action Group, promoting the positive side of the town, and Luke promises his enthusiasm won't diminish.