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Sunday's in-depth forecast for today and beyond

Kipford. Photo: John McBeth


Cloud with showery rain at times for the eastern side of the region on Sunday. Humid in the east also, with some cloud breaks. West of the Pennines, a decent day with fresher air than Saturday but this is offset by more sunny spells. Tops around 18-19c, 66f.


Showers ease on Sunday evening as a little ridge of high pressure builds in from the west to quieten things down.Dry for all parts, winds fairly gentle inland: NW'erly turning slightly more W'erly by the end of the night. Across coasts and exposed parts we expect it to be a touch breezier 15-20mph.

Feeling locally cool under any cloud breaks, lows 8-9c in general, but nearer 12-14c through towns and bigger cities. Odd mist patch by morning.


An E/W split with reversal of fortunes from Sunday: starting fine and bright in the east, cloud slowly increasing from the west.

Sunday's overnight high gives way to low pressure from the Atlantic, so cloud thickening from the west to bring rain later in the morning to the western side of the region.

During the afternoon, rain spreads eastwards; one or two heavy bursts across the Cumbrian Fells and hills but east of the Pennines any rain will just be light and patchy, just spits, with a cloudy afternoon here.

Breeze increases as the rain moves in, a fresh S/SW'erly developing into the afternoon, temperatures about where they should be for the time of year, in the high teens to low 20's celsius.

Monday night will be damp and breezy.

Outlook for the Border region. Credit: Met Office


Fresher and clearer again. Clear spells in the morning, another high building in so light winds, bright or sunny spells and feeling pleasant in the sun.

On Tuesday night, the next system pulls cloud and patchy rain in from the west. This should mainly affect the western side of the region and the Isle of Man.


Patchy rain in the NW but fine apart from that.


Fine and pretty warm, temperatures in the mid-20's celsius. Potentially quite hot with a thundery breakdown likely on Friday into the weekend.