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Clarissa Dickson Wright auction raises thousands

An auction of household items belonging to television cook Clarissa Dickson Wright has raised around £40,000 in an effort to pay off £17,000 worth of funeral expenses and debt following her death in March this year.

She left just £8,000 when she died.

There were more people than there were chairs at the Carlisle auction house where the worldly goods of the fun loving figure went under the hammer.

This bomb threat was sold for £80 at today's auction Credit: ITV News Border

The eclectic list of over 450 items which included books, paintings, photographs, kitchen gadgets and a collection of ceramic pigs, reflected the lifetime of the sometimes outspoken celebrity cook and pro-hunting campaigner.

A scrawled bomb threat sent to her sold for £80 which the auctioneer said would no doubt give Dickson Wright cause to smile were she still here.

The auction was to raise funds to ay off £17,000 worth of funeral expenses Credit: ITV News Border

Successful buyers at the auction were delighted to pick up a memento of someone they had followed and enjoyed watching on television though some described it as a sad spectacle seeing Clarissa Dickson-Wright's possessions laid out in the style of a car boot sale on trestle tables at a Carlisle auction house.

Clarissa Dickson Wright with her co-presenter Jennifer Paterson Credit: PA

The television cook - she didn't like being referred to as a chef - was one half of the Two Fat Ladies until the death of her co-presenter Jennifer Paterson half-way through filming their fourth series in 1999.

Clarissa inherited a fortune but was three times bankrupt, she was a recovering alcoholic for the last 27 years of her life.