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Windermere dog stars in books


Eunice Ogden from Windermere is hoping her little dog Henry will encourage Cumbrian children to read and teach them how to look after a dog.

When Mrs Ogden adopted Henry 8 years ago, her grandchildren wanted to meet him. But they live in Canada, so she sent stories about their walks.

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"My name is Victoria and I live alone in a house with a lot of garden in Windermere, which is in the Lake District, England. I have been feeling very lonely since my husband died and our two sons had long ago grown up and were living far away so I'd thought a lot about getting a dog."

– My Little Henry Book 1

It's helped her French-speaking family learn English. But they have a message for Henry too.

"We're very proud of Henry who's accompanying granny and watching her and keeping her not alone."

– One of Eunice Ogden's four grandchildren, Pierre
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Mrs Ogden, who goes under the pen-name of Victoria Howarth, has published 5 stories.

As well as getting to grips with online sales, she has asked local shops to sell them, from her local vets to post offices, book shops and village stores.

But she doesn't think she'll make any money from them. She's paid for them to be published herself.

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"It would be nice to think that maybe in the future after I'm long gone somebody might take up the books and do something with them but I don't think I have long enough of a life span to see any profit coming from the books.

But they're intended for children to read and enjoy and hopefully encourage children to read for themselves and to learn that having a dog, which many children aspire to, is no easy option. You have to look after the dog, you have to take it for a walk."

– Eunice Ogden, alias Victoria Howarth, author of My Little Henry
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"It's lovely to be able to support something so creative and they kind of capture the Lake District kind of feel and vibe of what it's like to be a resident here."

– Chloe Bryde, Troutbeck Village Shop

"I think we've sold around about 20 all together. My children think they're great. It's quite nice, we've got 2 little dogs, one's a springer spaniel and the other is an Irish terrier and certainly the Irish terrier - Finn - seems very, very similar to Henry, he certainly gets up to similar things."

– Alex Kirby, Oakhill Vets, Windermere