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Workington teen marks prom with Mini milestone

It's in the family; dad Mark poses with son Aiiden and the Mini masterpiece Photo: ITV Border

A teenager from Workington has taken prom preparations to a whole new level after spending six years fixing and refurbishing a damaged Mini to travel to the event in.

Aiiden Gregory was given the car when he was just 10-years-old. His father, Mark, had owned a Mini and following in his footsteps, Aiiden also wanted to own one.

Aiiden's proud parents look on at the Mini their son rebuilt from scratch Credit: ITV Border

The car, which is older than Aiiden, is 24-years-old and has been stripped back and completely refurbished; a process that has taken six years to complete.

Aiiden's pride and joy - the Mini he has spent six years rebuilding Credit: ITV Border

After travelling to his prom at St Joseph's School last week in the car, Aiiden is now planning to learn to drive in the car he spent so many hours working on.