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Border Weather - Cooler & showery for Sunday

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A weather front edging in from the west will bring rain for a time Saturday evening and overnight. This introduces slightly cooler air into the second half of the weekend.

A noticeably fresher theme develops as we head into Sunday. Despite some sunshine around, showers will develop along with lower temperatures and a stronger breeze. Although across most areas the showers will remain scattered they could be on the heavy and possibly thundery side, with the far west of Cumbria & SW Scotland perhaps experiencing showers merge to longer spells of rain at times.

Conditions then settle down over the coming few days into a mix of sunny spells, scattered showers and temperatures remaining just above the average for late July.

Here's your Border forecast for the next few days.....


Cloud gradually increasing throughout the day, bringing the risk of showers in the west later. Most places staying warm, but feeling cooler than recently along the coast. Highs to 26°C.


Clouding up for a time with showery rain, maybe heavy at times, spreading east - covering most areas at some point throughout the night. Northwesterly winds will increase by dawn. Remaining fairly warm until the front clears. Lows to 14C.

Cooler on Sunday with showers, heavy if you catch one, merging to rain in th west


A cloudier day compared to Saturday with showers developing, perhaps heavy at times, and merging to longer spells of rain in the west. A fresh northwesterly breeze making it feel noticeably cooler than of late. Temperatures near normal for the time of year with highs back down to 21°C

OUTLOOK: Sunny spells and isolated showers possible over the coming few days - perhaps becoming more heavy and widespread by Wednesday. Cooler than last week but still feeling warm in the sunnier spells. Highs 20-22°C