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Border Weather - Next Few Days

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The week ahead stays on the warm side of average with some good spells of sunshine to start the week and only a few scattered showers.

As the week progresses low pressure tries to edge in from the north. This brings more cloud on Tuesday, a freshening breeze by midweek and increased risk of showers mixed in with sunny spells Wednesday and Thursday.

High Pressure will slip further to the SW by midweek, allowing fresher west wind and higher risk of showers from Wednesday

Here's your Border forecast for the next few days.....


Strong winds around the coast and showery outbreaks of rain in the west. Sunshien & scattered showers further east, showers heavy and thundery if you catch one. Frehser highs of 20°C.


Showers or longer spells of rain will die out during the evening. Becoming dry overnight with variable cloud and some clear spells, leading to a few mist patches. Winds easing across the west. A fresher, more comfortable night with lows 12°C.


Any mist patches soon clearing then most places will have a dry and bright day with sunny spells, perhaps a few light showers over the hills. Winds will be lighter and tenmepartures a little wamrer. Highs 21-23°C.

OUTLOOK: After a cloudy, damp start patchy light rain will clear during Tuesday.

Bright and breezy on Wednesday with showers, mainly in the west.

Higher risk of more widespread showers by Thursday.

Daytime highs around 21°C. Overnight lows around 11-13°C.