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50 Days to the referendum

Well we know voters still have a lot of questions about independence which they want answers to.

So we brought some Yes supporters, some nos and some don't knows together with politicians and campaigners.

It was feisty, and passionate at times but that's as it should be.

Independence would be a massive constitutional change for the UK and, remember, effect people north and south of the Border.

Here's a flavour of the exchanges when they were asked about the SNP Scottish government, and how independence would benefit rural areas like Stranraer:

So we saw MSP Christine Grahame of the SNP putting the case for Yes, there, and Alex Fergusson of the Scottish Tories making the case for NO, but who else was taking part?

Also on the panel we had Russell Brown, the Labour MP for Dumfries and Galloway and Richard Arkless of the pro-independence Business for Scotland group.

Here's some of what they had to say:

So those were the politicians, but what did members of the community have to say, what kind of questions did they want answered?

The questions varied from how the local community would be affected by independence to issues like what currency would an independent Scotland use.

And this question may strike a chord with many voters:

That question came from Caitlin McDowell, but how was that answered?

Well if you want to find the answer to that crucial question you'll have to watch the whole debate later tonight.

It's A Representing Border Special, Independence Debate in Stranraer.

You can watch it on Freeview in the South of Scotland at 10:40pm tonight, Wednesday 30 July.

If you don't have Freeview, or don't live in the South of Scotland you can, as always, catch up on our website.

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