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Sunday's in-depth forecast for today and beyond. A little less unsettled going into the new week



It's official! Last month overall was drier and sunnier than usual for July, and after a brief interlude of heavy rain things look like quietening down again a little.

The area of low pressure which brought the weekend's thundery downpours is now spiralling away northwards across Scotland.

Low pressure remains to the north during the first part of the new week, but a ridge of pressure is trying to build in from the south, so good news if you're lucky enough to be on a Bank Holiday on Monday - it should be much better than Sunday!

Drier and brighter for the first part of the coming week, but still a little unsettled. Temperatures on the warm side of average.

In more detail then...


Rather cloudy and still some outbreaks of rain around, mainly over Dumfries and Galloway. Heavy at times, especially in the west, but turning more showery through the afternoon. Breezy and blustery in the west.

Temperatures further west around 16-17c, but nearer 18-19c in the best of any sun further east.


We still expect some showers overnight. Rain over Ireland swings up across the Border region, so it will be cloudy and mild with some outbreaks of rain. Nothing especially heavy, and mainly in the west and over hills. Lows 12-13c, 54-55f.


Dry on Monday morning, best of any brighter breaks to the east. Winds not as blustery as Sunday. Continuing dry and bright into the afternoon with more sunshine, best of the sun across the Isle of Man and through Cumbria, tops 18-19c, 64-66f.

Feeling better overall, with more sunshine and less wind. The best day of the Scottish Bank Holiday weekend!

WEATHER OUTLOOK: for the Border region. Credit: ITV Border


Generally, sunshine and showers.

Odd well scattered shower on Tuesday, especially in the west. Drier and brighter further east. Heavier showers possible on Wednesday, some thundery. Sun and showers on Thursday. Temperatures maybe just above average in the low 20's celsius. Warm nights.