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Kendal skateboard accident

Police urge skateboarders to use parks instead of town centres Photo: ITV News Border

A man has been left with serious facial injuries after being hit by a skateboard in Kendal town centre.

The man was walking down Finkle Street on Wednesday 6th August when the skateboarder jumped off his board, causing it to fly up into the air and into the gentleman's face.

The accident occurred on Wednesday on Finkle Street Credit: ITV News Border

Cumbria Police is investigating and has issued a warning that "it is inappropriate to skateboard in the town centre".

"The injuries he sustained were two black eyes and a bust nose resulting in bleeding. Now, although on a crime recording scale they'd be minor it's still pretty horrific injuries, that's been sustained as a result of a collision and these are injuries that could quite easily be avoided if you know just some basic, simple rules were followed, which is just to be courteous in and around densely populated areas. Town centres aren't the most appropriate place to skateboard because you haven't got the freedom of space and the freedom to express yourself, which a lot of people would do through their skateboarding but what I would ask is that if you are going to use the residential areas just to be that bit more mindful that you are going to need a bit more time and members of the public are going to need that bit more space as well so there's not a coming together or a collision."

– Sgt Siraaz Patel, Kendal Police Station
Police urge skaters to use parks instead of town centres Credit: ITV News Border
This skateboard park was built in 2013 for £60,000 in Kendal Credit: ITV News Border