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Border Weather - Next Few Days

Bank Holiday Monday looks like a North-South split for the UK - the further south you are the greater risk of heavier and more persistent outbreaks of rain as the day progresses. The Met Office have a warning in place for anywhere south of a line spreading from the Isle of Man across to the Humber. This means The Borders is probably best placed for drier conditions on Monday

Winds become stronger on Monday too, from the east - affecting conditions for eastern coasts and making it feel cooler.

From Tuesday it looks likely that high pressure will build to the north of the UK, giving us a mainly dry story for most of Tuesday and through into Wednesday.

Here's your BORDER forecast for the next few days.....


Remaining dry tnto the evening with some late brightness. Clouding over at times overnight across the southwest, otherwise remaining dry. Freshening easterly wind later. Lows initially quite cold under clearer spells. Down to 7°C.


Many places will be dry throughout the day, although outbreaks of patchy rain are possible, especially across Cumbria. Rather cloudy at times with the best of the brightness later for The Borders. Windy from the east. Highs to 16°C

Rain threatens the southern half of the UK on Monday, drier further north


Staying dry on Tuesday and Wednesday with some sunshine, although rather chilly at night. Rain extending northeastwards across all parts during Thursday

Outlook for the next few days. Mainly dry until Thursday