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Sunday's detailed forecast for the start of September - warmer and drier than the end of August!

Laurieston Forest. Photo: Nancy Venman

According to the Met Office, today is the last day of summer. This is because they allocate each season three months to run their course and plot records accordingly. For many of us, the seasonal shift occurs around the autumn equinox, 23rd September this year, when clocks go back an hour.

Either way, with autumn just round the corner, it looks like the first week of September will be warmer and drier than the second half of August was! Higher temperatures expected this coming week, more settled, none of the night frosts which we had at the end of August and some good sunny spells. Having said that, the cloud detail will be rather tricky to predict because as high pressure settles in, there won't be much wind to push the cloud out of the way which is inbound tonight.


For the rest of Sunday, plenty of sunshine around but with areas of cloud to the far west and far east. Cloud spills in from the west through the afternoon, but it will still be dry and bright. Dumfries and Galloway stay dry until the end of the day in spite of thickening cover. Gentle winds, tops 18c 64f away from the west. Feeling pleasant in the sun.


Rain pushes in across western coasts around 7pm and ploughs across all parts of the region before midnight. It will prove heaviest in the west, but will turn more showery as it pushes SE'wards so a little hit and miss sometimes with the showers. Murky over hills and over higher routes. Turning clearer in the west before morning.

Not a cold night, temperatures into double figures but the breeze increases over western fringes and it may be blustery here for a while.


Cloud will be slow to clear from the south on Monday morning. Otherwise, dry with some spells of sunshine, west coast seeing more cloud from off the sea throughout the day. Gentle winds from NW, Cumbria and eastern parts of the region should do well for sunshine, tops 19c 66f.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: for the Border region. Credit: ITV Border


Dry with bright or sunny spells throughout Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, tops around 20c 68f and into double figures overnight.