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Love of the Lake District inspires young people

The group visit a waterfall in the Lake District Photo: ITV

With the help of the charity Fixers, a young group of people are hoping to encourage more of their peers to go and enjoy the many activites that the Lake District has to offer.

They're encouraging people to go on micro adventures, which are outdoor activities that can be done without a high cost.

The adventures can include camping, visiting waterfalls, hiking or canoeing.

The group makes a tent to sleep in Credit: ITV

"We're bivving out which means just getting some tents, not tents, sleeping bags and staying under the stars rather than proper tents. So we've makeshifted ours out of those mats and some string. But it's quite well done, we've got some good rocks holding it down. It's nice and secure."

– Lewis Ritchie, from Cockermouth

Around 3% of the visitors to the Lake District are under 25. The group hopes to make a film to challenge the view that it's a 'posh, grey and nerdy' place:

"A lot of young people in Cumbria, don't really associate with the National Park. The words that they sometimes use are 'posh, grey and nerdy'. I think there's a bit of a belief that it's really expensive to do a lot of the activities that are more young person focussed. Or they just find it difficult to get here. Public transport into the lakes isn't great."

– Claire Dyson, Project Officer for the Lake District National Park
Lewis Ritchie and his group are encouraging people to go on 'micro adventures' Credit: ITV
Micro adventures are low cost outdoor activities for young people Credit: ITV

"It's a great place that we have. Places like down south, they don't have this kind of amazing place they can get out and do stuff with. But if we don't help to preserve it, obviously it won't always be here so people will lose amazing opportunities to just come out and do stuff like we do. It'd be tragic."

– Lewis Ritchie, from Cockermouth
The group of young people want to inspire others to enjoy the Lake District Credit: ITV