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Dandie Dinmonts descend on the Borders

Around 50 of the dogs arrived at The Haining. Photo: ITV Border

More than 50 Dandie Dinmont Terries from all around the world were the guests of honour at a special event at Bowhill, and The Haining, in Selkirk.

The aristocratic pooches braved blustery conditions (with their owners) to visit the house from which their breed originates, and is now being celebrated.

Guests came from as far afield as America. Credit: ITV Border

The line can be traced back to Old Ginger, who was born in 1842 at The Haining.

The breed is named after a farmer with a pack of terriers in Sir Walter Scott's novel, Guy Mannering.

Watch Fiona Armstrong's full report about the only dog that's named after a fictional character:

The dog is now on the vulnerable breeds list.