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Peebles climber attacked by grizzly bear

Greg Boswell Photo: Greg Boswell

A Peebles-based climber has survived a grizzly bear attack in Canada.

Greg Boswell, 24, was on a climb in the Rocky Mountains when a bear lunged, clamped its jaw round his leg and lifted him into the air.

Despite suffering leg injuries Mr Boswell managed to free himself from the bear's grasp and make his escape down the mountain.

Leg injuries Mr Boswell suffered in grizzly attack Credit: Greg Boswell

"Ok. Crazy news from Canada! I'm going to put it bluntly but would just like to let everyone know I'm okay, just a little shook up and sore!

"I got attacked by a grizzly bear last night and lived to tell the tale and to make the three-hour descent and two-hour drive to the hospital. All stitched up now and on the mend."

– Greg Boswell's Facebook post
Canadian grizzly bear Credit: Press Association