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Meet Cumbria's new crime-fighting pups

Harley. Credit: Cumbria Police

Cumbria Police have brought in two new pups to fight crime in the county.

Harley and Sansa are both fox red labradors and are nearly nine weeks old.

They've arrived from Norfolk to begin their training as Cumbria's first forensic evidence and victim recovery dogs.

That means they will recover bodies and evidence from crime scenes.

For the next twelve months the dogs will work alongside their handlers - PC Glen Myerscough and PC Barrie Cox - to form a bond.

Over the next 12 months the dogs will be familiarised with as many new people, places and experiences as possible, so that they are able to deal with any situation they are faced with when they start work.

This environmental training will also involve exposing them to loud noises by playing recordings of thunder, lightning and fireworks so that they get used to the unexpected. Then around the time they turn one, they will begin their specialised training.

Once fully trained, the dogs will be able to find vital evidence such as drops of bloods in a fraction of the time it would take officers to do so, cutting down the number of resources needed to search. They will be a huge asset to the skillset of the force dog unit.

– Sergeant Mark Yielder, from the Cumbria Constabulary Dog Unit