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Cricket star's mum in 'over-protective parent' jibe

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The mother of England cricket star, Ben Stokes from Cockermouth, issued a complaint against an article which called her an 'overly protective parent', based on her phone call to a radio station where she defended her son.

Deborah Stokes' complaint against the column in the New Zealand Herald, titled 'When a mother sticks up for her famous son', has been upheld by the Press Council on the grounds of fairness.

Give them love, support, advice and a safe home - but don't ring up a radio station on air because someone called your boy 'Ben Chokes'."

– Matt Heath, Column in the New Zealand Herald
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On Monday 11 April 2016, the paper published a column by Radio Hauraki breakfast host Matt Heath on the pros and cons of parental over-protection.

The basis of his column was a broadcast on Radio Hauraki on April 4 of a phone conversation between Heath, co-host Jeremy Wells, Deborah Stokes, whose son's performance in the last over of the Twenty20 world cup final was ridiculed by the hosts.

Mrs Stokes had rung the station to protest about the hosts' comments about her son. The call had been broadcast live, despite Mrs Stokes' being given assurances she was not on-air.

Heath wrote in his column that he had taken the call on-air because he thought it was someone phoning in for a competition, and he thought it would be funny to tell Mrs Stokes she wasn't on air so their listeners could hear someone have a go at them.

He described Mrs Stokes as an overly protective parent, and said her phone call was a lesson for all parents that fighting your kids' battles rarely helps them.

You can read the article from the New Zealand herald here.