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Fire advice for Kendal Calling festival goers

Kendal Calling music festival. Credit: ITV Border

Festival goers heading to the Kendal Calling music festival are being urged to put safety first by the fire service.

The festival takes place from 28 to 31 July, and thousands of people will be camping out in the open.

Mark Ducie, Community Safety Manager for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service, said:

A tent can burn down in seconds so it’s important to take some basic fire safety tips on board.

It may all sound a bit daunting but it needn’t be, most of this advice is common sense and will help ensure your festival experience is a safe and enjoyable one.

– Mark Ducie, Community Safety Manager for Cumbria Fire and Rescue

Here are some of the fire service's top tips:

  • Never use candles in or near a tent – torches are safer
  • Don’t smoke inside a tent
  • Place your cooking area well away from the tent
  • Set up tents only within designated areas and in accordance with the event fire safety arrangements
  • Make sure you know where and who to contact in an emergency situation, what the fire safety arrangements are on the site and where the muster points are for your area
  • Adhere to fire safety advice on site at all times
  • Keep your cooking area clear of items that catch fire easily (‘flammable’ items), including long, dry grass
  • Put cooking appliances in a place where they can’t easily be knocked over
  • Keep matches, lighters, flammable liquids and gas cylinders out of the reach and secure at all times
  • Don’t be tempted to use barbecues as a source of warmth inside a tent as they give off Carbon Monoxide fumes (colourless, odourless and mixes with air) that can be fatal