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Thousands attend Cartmel Show

The Cartmel Show is one of the most important in Cumbria's farming calendar Photo: ITV Border

Around 6,000 people attended the Cartmel Show today.

It is one of Cumbria's main agricultural shows and is an important part of the farming calendar. It's also now an important part of the tourist season.

The village is home to L'Enclume, the famous Michelin starred restaurant, and has become a haven for food lovers. The Cartmel Show let the locals and the tourists meet the farmers behind their favourite meals.

All agricultural shows are very important. They keep the community together and it's also a platform to educate - especially for tourists. You'd be surprised how many people don't know where milk comes from, which is quite sad. Also some of the children have never seen sheep, they've never felt sheep but here they can touch them if they want to. It's just about educating the general public

– Sarah Dickinson, Cartmel Show

I've seen the dancers and I've seen all the rides and I've held the millipede and I've stroked the snake and it's been really fun

– Daisy Barton, aged 6 from Manchester
Lots of animals were on display at the Cartmel Show Credit: ITV Border
Little and large Credit: ITV Border
Plenty of livestock was on display Credit: ITV Border