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Twelve cases of food poisoning from Kendal farm's raw milk

The farm had won an award for its unpasteurised milk last year Photo: PA

A farm in Kendal has been banned from selling raw milk, after 12 cases of raw milk food poisoning were confirmed.

There are a suspected further 53 cases of the Campylobacter poisoning.

The cases have been linked to the unpasteurised milk sold in vending machines at Low Sizergh Barn Farm.

Richard Park, the owner, exclusively told ITV Border:

We are working hard to identify the source and are making changes to make sure this doesn't happen again. As a farmer this is the very last thing you want to happen when someone buys your produce. I don't want to make people poorly so we are working hard with the FSA.

We want to sell the milk once more, it has been incredibly popular and customers are asking for it. but until everyone is satisfied the milk is safe it won't be for sale.

– Richard Park, Low Sizergh Barn Farm

South Lakeland Council have confirmed that sales from the farm's vending machine have been banned, pending tests and an investigation by the Food Standards Agency.

The age range of those affected is from one to 86 years old.

The Campylobacter bacteria can cause a fever, bloody diarrhoea, vomiting and muscle pain.

Low Sizergh Barn Farm in Kendal voluntarily stopped sales of raw cow’s drinking milk and displayed a product recall notices at the point of sale.

The farm will not be selling raw milk until the enforcement authorities are satisfied with the corrective actions taken by the farm and satisfactory results from the three consecutive rounds of sampling are received.

– Food Standards Agency spokesperson

The farm, which won a National Trust farm produce award for its unpasteurised milk award in August last year, sold about 70 litres a day.