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Maggot 'found in Easter egg'

The chocolate egg had a maggot inside. Credit: ITV Border

A Dumfries and Galloway man got the shock of his life when he "found a live maggot" in his Cadbury Buttons chocolate Easter egg.

After eating the chocolate buttons, Zachary Macdonald, 21, turned to the egg and when he opened it up he found the maggot inside.

His mother Isabel, 53, who lives at Kirkgunzeon, near Dalbeattie, was mortified when he showed her the creepy crawly in the egg.

The chocolate egg had a maggot inside. Credit: ITV Border

She had bought it at a Dumfries supermarket on 4 March as a surprise treat for her son.

I was horrified when Zachary showed me what he had found.

I just said ‘oh my god.’ It was inside the egg and it was trying to eat its way out.

You could see what looked like eggs on the side. It was horrible.

– Isabel Macdonald
Isabel Macdonald. Credit: ITV Border

Isabel has been disappointed by the response from Cadbury.

She says after emailing them to tell them about her discovery there was no response and she had to telephone them on 7 March.

They said they would send me a package to send it back to them so they could investigate the whole thing.

When I hadn’t heard anything I posted it on their Facebook page but it was the 19th before they sent packaging which was too small.

The whole thing has been horrific.

– Isabel Macdonald