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Police launch new tool to find vulnerable missing people

Photo: PA

A protocol to help find vulnerable missing adults in Cumbria is being adopted by police.

During Dementia Awareness Week, Cumbria Constabulary says it's improving the way itself and partners go about finding people at risk who have gone missing.

The Herbert Protocol is a form which the family or carer of a vulnerable adult will be asked to complete.

Family are asked to provide a photograph, travel patterns and favourite places to visit, which the police say is especially useful when it's called to assist in locating a missing person with dementia.

The first moments after we receive a missing person report can be crucial. When we receive a missing person report there is a necessity to take down as much detailed information as possible about who the person is, what they look like and where they may visit.

“Taking down all of this information can obviously be time-consuming and set efforts to locate the person back. Going through these details with a police officer at a highly upsetting and stressful time can also be difficult for families and carers. However, if the Herbert Protocol has been completed then we essentially able to hit the ground running and are able to move quickly on to trying to locate the missing person.

“The protocol will help everyone from the police to families and carers be best prepared for an unanticipated emergency.”

– Detective Inspector Brian Murray of Cumbria Constabulary