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Cumbria professor shines at New York sci-fi film festival

Peter by Jane Topping Photo: University of Cumbria

University of Cumbria's Fine Art programme leader, Jane Topping, won Best Short Film for her production 'Peter' at the Philip K Dick Sci-fi Film Festival.

The film is described as a "re-frame of what is considered a classic of dystopian cinema".

This is an amazing result for Jane, we all knew that Peter was a splendid piece of work, and that view has been reinforced by the judging panel of this very influential international film festival.

This is a wonderful example of how effective our research through arts practice is at the Institute of the Arts and a massive confirmation of Jane’s work out in the world.

– Professor of Fine Art Robert Williams, University of Cumbria

The short film, Peter, reflects on difficulties viewers might have when watching Blade Runner, by manipulating found footage and narrative voice.

It uses visual and textual, personal and public, aspects to "create a new reality around the film".

The 5th annual Philip k. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival Credit: University of Cumbria

The Philip K. Dick festival celebrates the work of independent Science fiction filmmakers worldwide.