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Cumbrian firm 'Treetop Trek' unveils plans for new zip line attraction

A public display will take place on Tuesday, 1 August, from 3pm to 7pm Photo: Treetop Trek Ltd

Residents are being consulted on plans for a new zip line attraction across Thirlmere.

Cumbrian firm Treetop Trek has unveiled the plans for a new "activity hub" in a nearby forest.

The scheme is planned to feature two zip lines and an 18 km long family-friendly cycle way, located within the forest around Thirlmere, with zip lines stretching from one side of the lake to the other.

The zip lines will stretch from one side of lake to the other Credit: Treetop Trek Ltd

It comes just weeks after the Lake District was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status - meaning any major schemes that will affect the local landscape will be under inspection.

A proposal for a zip wire near Glenridding a few years ago attracted major controversy, with an online petition gathering more than 1,000 signatures.

Locals feared the one-mile wire would affected the character of the tranquil Lakes District valley.

However, Treetop Trek say they are looking forward to showing the plans to the local community:

We have been very carefully considering locations within the Lake District for the last three to four years and are confident that Thirlmere would provide the perfect site for an exceptional family activity hub."

– Mike Turner, Managing Director, Treetop Trek Ltd

The company's Brockhole site now attracts more than 75,000 participants a year.

Treetop Trek has gone on to open two more sites - one at Ripon in North Yorkshire in 2016 and one at Heaton Park in Manchester, which was launched earlier this month.

There will be a public display with further information on the proposals next week. It takes place on Tuesday, 1 August, from 3pm to 7pm, at the Parish Hall at St John’s in the Vale.