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£14.5m roof investment to transform Carlisle station

Work is due to be completed with all scaffolding removed by February 2018. Photo: Network Rail

Carlisle station is expected to see lighter, brighter platforms because of work being done to the roof.

As part of the Great North Rail Project, Network Rail is investing £14.5m to extend the life of the roof, which dates back to 1847.

This will be done with safer, easier to maintain material which will brighten up the platforms with daylight.

The roof's metalwork is also being repainted and the main lighting above the platforms is being renewed.

Network Rail has worked closely with Virgin Trains, which manages the station, to plan the work and minimise the impact on the station and passengers as much as possible.

1,500 trains have continued to travel through the station as normal every week.

Carlisle's MP was given a tour of the work going on at the station and roof space:

Carlisle’s train station is one of the most important gateways into the city. I am delighted to see the renovations have preserved the historic spirit and beauty of the building. Not only have the railways played a central role in the development of our city, but they will continue to be vital for creating greater prosperity in our future.

We are an extremely well connected city, thanks to our railways, but there are still improvements to be made. I will continue working with Transport for the North and the Department for Transport to ensure that, at all levels of Government, we have the support we need to deliver the best, and the safest, passenger experience for everyone in Carlisle, wherever they want to go."

– John Stevenson, Carlisle MP

The majority of the glass removed from the roof is being recycled by North West Recycling Ltd, based at Kingmoor Park, Carlisle.

Around 120 tonnes of glass has been removed from the roof and will be recycled into new new bottles and windows.

Work is due to be completed with all scaffolding removed by February 2018.