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Final chance to see Bassenthwaite ospreys

Viewpoints will close on 31 August until next year Photo: Lake District Osprey Project

Visitors to Bassenthwaite who haven't yet visited the lake's popular ospreys only have a few weeks left to see them up-close.

The ringed ospreys, female KL and unringed male, raised three chicks this season.

Staff and volunteers have been running viewpoints at Dodd View for visitors to see the osprey family which will close on 31 August until next year.

The unringed male is believed to have returned to Bassenthwaite with female KL to raise chicks for the fifth year running.

Their chicks were named by the general public in July.

Male chicks named Artegal and Ulysses, female chick Elter and their parents will shortly make the long migration to Africa where they are likely to spend the winter.

The Lake District Osprey Project says the end of the season is the best time to view the birds:

The last few weeks of the season are often the most exciting, with brilliant views of the chicks as they develop their flying and fishing skills, before they set off on their long journey south.

To think that they only hatched in May, and are now preparing to embark on this massive migration, is absolutely staggering and proves just how incredible nature is.

These last few weeks of the project should be all action and we hope lots of people can come and see the birds before they leave.”

– Nathan Fox, Lake District Osprey Project

To watch the ospreys, visitors can join staff and volunteers at the viewpoint at Dodd Wood every day from 10am to 5pm until the end of August, and at Whinlatter Visitor Centre every day from 10am to 5pm.