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Sheepdog found 50ft up on a ledge after three day search

Alfie after his ordeal Credit: Moffat Mountain Rescue

A sheepdog missing for three days was rescued after it was discovered stuck on a 50ft high ledge during a storm.

Alfie got lost near Tynron in Dumfries and Galloway and despite repeated searches his owners could not find him.

But then on Tuesday night they heard him barking during a storm - apparently scared by the thunder - and asked for the assistance of Moffat Mountain Rescue Team.

The team began a search and when another sheepdog showed interest at the top of a very steep wooded crag. Alfie was finally found stuck on the ledge 50 feet up.

The successful team Credit: Moffat Mountain Rescue

The mountain rescue team lowered a team member to the location and collected a grateful Alfie and lowered him to the ground to be reunited with his owners.

Shaun Duignan, team leader of MMRT, said: "Although this was an unusual callout to rescue a dog, the team were delighted to find Alfie none the worse for his ordeal and reunited with his owners."