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Survey reveals low morale of Cumbria police force

Nearly 500 officers took part in the survey Credit: ITV

A report has revealed low levels of morale among Cumbrian police officers with two thirds saying they wouldn’t recommend joining the force.

There were 487 Cumbrian police officers who responded to the survey by the Police Federation which is about 44 per cent of the force.

Among its findings were:

  • 85% Do not feel fairly paid for the stresses and strains their job
  • 67% Dissatisfied with total remuneration 66.8%
  • 62% felt that they were worse off financially compared to five years ago.
  • 85% felt that morale within the Cumbria force is currently low.
  • Reasons ranged from pay and benefits (66%) to treatment by senior managers (33.%)
  • 64% said they would not recommend joining the police to others 64.0%
  • 7% Intend to leave the police within two years

Responding to the survey Deputy Chief Constable Michelle Skeer said Cumbria police was taking measures to support officers.

"Every day, police officers operate in a dangerous and stressful work environment that involves putting themselves in harm’s way to keep people safe, and as employers we have a duty to help officers manage the impact this has on their psychological health and wellbeing. A force-wide wellbeing strategy has been introduced which concentrates on the individual and offer a range of support programmes. Bespoke training has also been issued to managers in order to identify any wellbeing issues at an early stage. We will continue to regularly review our approach to the wellbeing of our staff to support them in their role. It is no secret that all police forces are working through a challenging financial time, however our officers and staff remain committed to keeping the public safe."

– Deputy Chief Constable Michelle Skeer