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Closure of three primary schools in D&G to be decided

Photo: ITV Border

A consultation into whether three primary schools in Dumfries and Galloway should be closed has reached its deadline.

Garlieston, Ae and Kirkbean schools have fewer than 40 pupils between them, but local people say they're an important part of their communities.

Now the consultation has ended, councillors will make their decision as to whether the three schools will shut next year.

Garlieston primary school Credit: ITV Border

It's important to realise that the CYPLL committee [29 June 2017] didn't agree to close the schools but to start a statutory consultation process.

"The Council's Education Committee [17 March 2016] agreed that officers should engage with schools where the pupil role is below 50% of the buildings' capacity.

"Information and views gathered during the statutory consultation will be included in a report to a future meeting of the CYPLL committee.

"These are rural primary schools and, if the committee was to agree to close a school, this would need to be demonstrated as the only viable option."

– Dumfries and Galloway council spokesman