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Schoolboy accused of rape: 'We had consent'

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A schoolboy accused of raping a 15-year-old changed his story while being quizzed by police, a court has heard.

At Carlisle Crown Court today, jurors continued to hear the transcripts of interviews held by police following the incident in Workington on the evening of January 3 last year.

Four boys, all teenagers under 16, are on trial.

They have each denied two rape charges, and further deny an allegation of an additional sexual assault.

It is alleged they carried out a "brutal sexual attack" on the girl in a dark, muddy field.

One boy told police during initial questioning he did not have sex with her.

He later said he couldn't remember whether he did but - on being presented with DNA evidence - he stated that he and the girl did have sexual intercourse.

Asked to comment on the girl's claims she was raped, the boy replied: "She is lying. She definitely hasn't."

The boy claimed she had earlier agreed to having sex with him.

"Everybody done it," the boy continued. "All I can remember is that all four of us done it."

He added: "We all had sex with her. We had consent. That was it, really."

It was put to the boy by an officer that a woman out running that evening had reported hearing "the sound of screaming", and "may have heard someone say 'help'."

But the boy responded: "She didn't say 'help'."

The trial continues.