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Eyemouth Herring Queen tradition lives on

Crown is passed from last year's queen to Ailsa Landels
Crown is passed from last year's queen to Ailsa Landels Credit: ITV Border

Thousands gathered in Berwickshire to celebrate the crowning of the 70th Eyemouth Herring Queen.

This year's queen Ailsa Landels was crowned on Saturday 26 July by last year's queen Devon McNab.

Jean Rosie, Anne Rosie and Margaret Collin
Family of Herring Queens: Jean Rosie, Anne Rosie and Margaret Collin Credit: ITV Border

The first crowning took place in 1939 but they didn't have another until after the Second World War, when Anne Rosie, who is the oldest surviving queen, was crowned in 1946.

Anne's sister Jean was crowned in 1956 and her daughter Margaret Collin became Eyemouth Queen in 1969.


Appeal for missing pregnant woman

Police are appealing for Roxanne Black, who has not been seen for 48 hours, to get in touch.

Roxanne has not been seen for two days
Roxanne has not been seen for two days Credit: Cumbria Police

The pregnant 26-year-old was last seen at Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary on Saturday 26 July at 5:30pm.

She had attended the accident and emergency department with minor injuries, but left before she was seen.

Roxanne is 5ft 6", with long straight black hair. She has facial piercings and was wearing a black top and jeans. Police say she had bruising on her face.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cumbria Police on 101 quoting reference 311.

Assault victim encourages others to report abuse

A woman who was abused by her ex-partner has decided to tell her story to encourage other victims to report abuse.

Joy Sayers, 38, from Penrith was abused by her ex-partner. She was left with facial bruising, loss of hair, scratches and grazes to her arms, legs and forehead.

“I would like to encourage anyone who has experienced domestic abuse to come forward so that they can seek justice, and hopefully reduce the risk of it happening to another woman.

“The violence was awful, but the hardest part for me has been the aftermath. Some people in Penrith have accused me of lying and a number of so called friends have taken his side. I never expected this kind of reaction to being assaulted, and the last few months have been incredibly difficult for me.

“However I was determined to see him prosecuted as what he did to me was completely wrong, particularly as our young sons were in the house at the time. Although I would never say anything negative to them about their father, it is important to me that they do not grow up believing that violence is acceptable.

“This is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this – the physical violence was completely out of the blue. It was such a shock and I was really scared to talk to the police about it. However I would like to urge women in a similar position to report violence in the home as no one should have to accept it as part of their life.”

– Joy Sayers, Victim
Joy wants to prevent this from happening to others
Joy wants to prevent this from happening to others Credit: Cumbria Police

In March the incident was reported to Cumbria Police by a member of the public.

Since then her ex-partner Michael Jacques, 50, from Penrith, has been sentenced to 140 days in prison, which has been suspended for 12 months. He must pay £150 compensation, £190 court costs and complete 60 hours community service.

“I am pleased that Jacques has been punished for his actions. Domestic violence will not be tolerated in Cumbria – no one should have to live in fear in their own homes. I would encourage anyone who has any concerns to get in touch; all reports will be dealt with sensitively and professionally.”

– DC Cath McFadden, Cumbria Police


Fracking 'highly unlikely' in the Lake District

The government has announced today that fracking is highly unlikely ever to be allowed in the Lake District.

The news has been welcomed by groups including Friends of the Lake District who say it will bring clarity to planning laws.

Fracking is the controversial method used to extract underground shale gas. The government has now opened the bidding process for new licences in areas where fracking will be allowed.

Summer security warning for Cumbria

As the warm weather continues, Cumbria Police are reminding people not to leave windows or doors open when they are out.

Officers say many house break-ins could be prevented by better security. Police are also telling people not to leave valuable items in cars, tents and caravans and be aware of advertising your home will be empty on social media.

Inspector Jon Sherlock spoke to ITV Border about what do to when it comes to social media.

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