Fantastic Mr Fox thinks it's a dog

It was taken in as a cub by a couple who thought it was a puppy. They only realised it was a fox when they took it to a vet.

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Man unveils chapel for fiancée

Peter Stott and his fiancée Joanne Credit: ITV Border

Peter Stott, from Cumbria, has spent five years building a private wedding chapel for his fiancée, Joanne.

He owns a nursery situated in the hamlet of Melkinthorpe, just outside Penrith.

In 2009, Peter decided that he was going to build a chapel at the bottom of the nursery.

They plan to get married next month.

The chapel at Penrith Credit: ITV Border


Brazil vs Croatia: Alves the tapir predicts who'll win

Alves, from the Lake District Wildlife Park is said to love football. He's named after Dani Alves, the Barcelona and Brazil right back.

The eight month old Brazilian tapir is making predictions from buckets of bananas on who will win matches in the World Cup.

See who he thinks will triumph in the tournament's opening match when Brazil play Croatia:

England vs Italy: Tapir predicts who will win

An eight year old tapir in Cumbria is making a guess at who will win the World Cup matches.

He's making his tips based on which bucket of bananas he goes to first.

Two have flags of the countries playing on with the third representing a draw.

On Saturday England play Italy in their opening game. Alves makes his selection on who'll be top banana in that encounter:


Brazilian Tapirs place World Cup predictions

Alves lives at the Lakeland Wildlife Park with parents Muffin and Rio Credit: ITV Border

A family of Brazilian Tapirs at the Lakeland Wildlife Park are tipping England to make a winning start to the World Cup.

The animals play a bit of football themselves and eight month old Alves, named after the Brazilian defender, is backing England to overcome the Italians to make a winning start to the tournament.

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