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Stained glass window saved from the scrapheap

The window.

A piece of Carlisle's cultural history which was saved from the scrapheap, is being painstakingly restored.

A stained glass window which shows a sunrise over the city's castle, was an original feature of the former Lonsdale Cinema.

It's due to go on display at the Old Fire Station, which will re-open shortly as an arts and entertainment venue.

A slice of inspiration: Cumbria's toast artist

The artwork is butterly magnificent. Credit: ITV Border

A Carlisle artist has crafted an image of the Madonna and Child.

But instead of using paints and a brush, he's made it entirely out of toast.

Adam laid down his brush and took up the bread knife. Credit: ITV Border

Adam Sheldon dried and flattened 160 slices of burnt toast, and then crafted them into this masterpiece by scraping them with a knife and using a blow-torch.

The talented toast-artist originally did the artwork as a commission for a cathedral but he's now dedicating it to a very special woman in his life:


Big Burns Supper gets underway

"The carnival will be spectacular, there will be more than 4,000 people parading through the streets, there will be 2015 lanterns to help celebrate the 2015 UNESCO Year of Light, there will be six bands, six big floats, hundreds of costumes, thousands of people on the streets, it's going to be absolutely spectacular."

– Matthew Shelley, Big Burns Supper
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