Fantastic Mr Fox thinks it's a dog

It was taken in as a cub by a couple who thought it was a puppy. They only realised it was a fox when they took it to a vet.

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The fox that thinks it's a dog

Dawson was abandoned by its mother Credit: ITV Border

Dawson might look like a fox but it doesn't act like one.

It was taken in as a cub by a couple who thought it was a puppy. They only realised it was a fox when they took it to a vet.

It's lived at the Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Trust near Wigton in Cumbria, for the past two years, and still likes humans and playing with other animals at the centre.

It's now so tame, the animal refuge says he can't be released into the wild.


'Bag Monster' supports 5p charge for carrier bags

Campaigners outside the Scottish Parliament invented a 'bag monster' to show support for a plan to introduce a charge of 5p for carrier bags.

Inside, the Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead told a committee Scotland uses 750m bags a year - the equivalent of 12 bags per person each month.

Bag Monster and Litter Bin
Keep Scotland Beautiful said the 5p charge would tackle Scotland's 'throwaway society'
Bag Monster
Bag Monster - but the charge would also apply to paper and biodegradable bags
More carrier bags are used in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK, said campaigners

More on Representing Border on Wednesday 21st May at 2250.


Schoolgirl's hours supporting 10 in 10 runners

Over 900 runners are competing in the Windermere Marathon. They'll run the 26.2 miles round England's largest lake from Brathay Hall near Ambleside.

The runners include the 10 in 10 runners who will be completing their 10th lap of the marathon in 10 days, raising over £76,000 for the Brathay Trust.

One of those cheering them on will be Holly Glaister from Hawkshead Primary School, who has spent several hours over the last 10 days following the 10 in 10 runners' progress and waiting outside her home to cheer them on.

She also gave one of the runners, who she saw was struggling, the entire contents of her piggy bank - about £10.

Abandoned baby squirrel nursed back to health

Now you know how we love an animal story on Lookaround. Tonight we're bringing you the tale of the baby squirrel being nursed back to health after falling from a roof at a holiday complex in Cumbria.

She's called Camilla, and she's been cared for by red squirrel ranger Jerry Moss and his partner Susie McNeil at their home near Penrith. The couple also run the town's Red Squirrel group.

Kim Inglis reports:

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