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WATCH: Penrith puppets put on a show

A new puppet theatre in Cumbria has been officially opened. And it's one of only four in the country.

The Upfront Puppet Theatre is based at Hutton-in-the-Forest near Penrith, and while it's host of puppets have been performing there for some time, the facilities have only just been completed after four years.

Our reporter Matthew Taylor went to meet some of the starts of the show:


'Carlyle' and 'Kendoll' in UK's hall of spelling shame

Credit: ITV Border

Two Cumbrian towns have featured on the Travelodge's UK Top 50 most misspelled place names.

Carlisle sits at number 5 on the chart, usually misspelled as 'Carlyle', while Kendal's 'Kendoll' comes in at 36.

Edinburgh tops the list with 'Edinboro', with 'Landan' in close second.

The results come from the Travelodge's website, where people have mistyped the location of a hotel.

German cellos warm up for Cumbrian debut

Credit: ITV Border

A cello group from Germany have been rehearsing in Workington this morning, ahead of their two concerts in west Cumbria later this week.

'Cellikatessen' filled St Michaels Church with music this morning. The group are currently touring Britain, making a special stop in Cumbria to perform.

Local councillor, Anthony McGuckin, says he's delighted about the groups visit and wants to give people in west Cumbria access to music that's on offer in big cities.

A view of our region that's out of this world

The photo was taken from 250 miles above Earth, aboard the International Space Station Credit: International Space Station

Astronaut Jeff William captured this view of the Border region from 250 miles above Earth, aboard the International Space Station.

He posted it with the caption - "we had a great view of Scotland today...very rare to not be covered with clouds."


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