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Sir Chris Hoy rescued by gritter after hitting snow bank

Track cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy was rescued by one of Dumfries and Galloway Council's gritters today.

His car hit black ice and swerved off the road into a snow bank.

Gritter driver, Stevie, picked up the 11-time World Champion track cyclist from the side of Greenhill Stairs, near Moffat:

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Wheelies instead of walkies for poorly pooch


A 19 week old puppy from Carlisle is being pushed around in a pram after breaking her leg.

Poppy slipped on the kitchen floor and as a result will need to wear a plaster cast for six weeks.

Her owners Anne, Grace and Neil Harland didn't want her stuck in the house all day, so they've decided to take her out in a pram.

The poorly pooch has been attracting lots of attention on the streets of Carlisle.

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