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Wheelies instead of walkies for poorly pooch


A 19 week old puppy from Carlisle is being pushed around in a pram after breaking her leg.

Poppy slipped on the kitchen floor and as a result will need to wear a plaster cast for six weeks.

Her owners Anne, Grace and Neil Harland didn't want her stuck in the house all day, so they've decided to take her out in a pram.

The poorly pooch has been attracting lots of attention on the streets of Carlisle.

Triplets defy odds to make it home for Christmas


A set of west Cumbrian triplets who doctors thought might not survive after they were born prematurely are back home in time for Christmas.

Poppie, Molly and Evelyn Park, from Whitehaven, arrived at just 26 weeks and collectively weighed the same as two bags of sugar.

"We left the RVI after 111 days and it was a great feeling to be one step closer to home, but we knew there was still a long road left to travel. All of the girls were admitted to our local hospital in Whitehaven and since then they have all had a few feeding issues but are now back home.

"When we look back on how poorly the girls were and where they are now - they've come so far and we're just full of pride.

"They do have blips, but nothing life threatening - and they're heading in the right direction, making lots of progress. They're happy, smiling and starting to show their emotions and exploring everything the world's got to offer."

– Steven Park, Father



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