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Kebab-loving magpie sent to rehab

The magpie 'Paul Beak' used to steal food from local shops. Credit: ITV Border

A pet magpie that's become addicted to kebabs and fast food, has been rehomed in Cumbria.

Affectionately known as Paul Beak, the one year old magpie is now being weaned off human food, and being cared for by staff at the Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Trust near Wigton. Paul's on a new diet swapping worm meal to sausage roll.

Emma Scott is from the Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Trust:


Food stealing magpie sent to rehab

'Paul Beak' is popular with people from Royton and also has a Facebook and Twitter page. Credit: Royton Magpie Facebook page

A magpie has gone to 'rehab' to be weaned off human life.

Paul Beak, also known as the Royton Magpie, was hand reared as a chick at Royton Cricket Club. As it got older, the magpie began roaming and stealing food from local shops. Despite being popular with Royton residents, its antics led to warnings it could be killed by pest control for environmental health reasons.

The magpie is now at Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Trust and is being reintroduced into the wild in the next few weeks. It is being weaned off human food in a gradual process but the magpie is expected to return to the trust several times before settling in the wild.

Dumfries & Galloway Police win award

A project to ensure festival-goers were safe to drive the next day has won the Consultation and Community Engagement award in the Police Scotland Local Policing Year One Awards.

Dumfries and Galloway police officers awarded Credit: Police Scotland

Officers based at ‘V’ Division in Dumfries and Galloway were rewarded for their work at the Wickerman Festival to stop music fans from drinking and driving by setting up a ‘breath test staging post’ where people could voluntarily be breath-tested to ensure they were safe to drive the morning after the concert.

This was undertaken by a plain clothed police officer to alleviate any anxiety or perceived stigma over accessing this service. If the individual had alcohol in their system, especially if above the legal limit, they were advised not to drive.

The officers also linked in with trained alcohol workers to provide educational information about the effects of alcohol.

Judges commented that the winning project showed “direct engagement on an important issue, prevents drink-driving as well as increasing awareness and challenging perceptions.”

“The Local Policing Year One Awards recognise innovation and excellence in delivering policing across Scotland and share best practice.

The Awards enable us to celebrate the achievements of Police Scotland officers and staff and their partners in keeping people safe and tackling the policing priorities identified by local communities.”

– Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick


Baby meerkat surprises staff at Wetheriggs

The baby meerkat has not yet been named Credit: ITV Border

Staff at the Wetheriggs Animal Rescue Centre were surprised by a new arrival while clearing out the meerkats' pen.

They found a tiny baby meerkat, too small to move by herself, on the floor of the pen.

Doris, the baby's mother, gave birth to triplets in spring, but this time around nobody knew she was pregnant.

Staff at the Centre are currently moving the animals to a new home in County Durham, but this baby meerkat will be the last leave, as she's still too young for the journey.

  1. Tyne Tees

Northern Lights: Top photography tips

Tonight is the best chance to see the Northern Lights in our region for a long time.

No guarantees - but if it does happen you might want to know how to photograph it.

Viewer Alison Leddy has given us her top tips for capturing the phenomenon on camera.

Go as far away from any light pollution as possible and look to the north for clear dark skies.

The coast is generally the best.

Be prepared for a long wait and keep taking photos and checking on your camera.

– Alison Leddy
Alison captured this shot earlier this year Credit: Alison Leddy

A lot of the time it isn't visible to the naked eye but because you are doing a long exposure, your camera's sensor picks up the light and colours.

Best tip ever is to wrap up warm, it could turn into a long night.

– Alison Leddy

If you do get a picture you can email me your pictures to:

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And good luck!!

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