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Dumfries dog-lover urges pet owners to not leave dogs in hot cars

A thermometer in a hot car Credit: ITV Border

A dog lover from Dumfries is urging pet owners not to leave their animals in cars as the warm weather looks set to return.

Even after just a few minutes on a relatively warm day, temperatures inside a car can reach over 38 degrees celsius which can prove fatal for dogs.

It's hoped the campaign called Hot Dog will receive backing from local councils and lead to warning notices being placed in busy car parks.

The advice is not to leave your dog in a car.


Fell warning for dog walkers

Dog walkers are being urged not to push their pets too hard. Credit: PA

Dog owners are being warned about the dangers of taking their pets for walks on the fells in Cumbria in hot weather.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team say they were called to an incident last weekend in which two dogs died because of hot conditions in the Lake District.

They are urging people to consider how capable their pets are, and not to take them too far in warm conditions.

This was not a case of deliberate cruelty but certainly a serious error of judgement on the part of the family involved who were obviously distressed themselves by the outcome. I have two Border Collies, born and bred in this valley and I won't take them high or far in this weather because I know their limitations, but a loyal dog will follow its owner anywhere. Having a dog is not matter of ownership it's a relationship and people should be aware of what their pets are or are not capable of.

– Tim Brooks, Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team

WATCH: Alpaca studs arrive in Cumbria

Barbara with her two new alpaca studs. Credit: ITV Border

Two alpaca studs, from Australia and New Zealand, have been moved to a new home in Cumbria.

Crusader and Samurai have joined the herd at Beckbrow in Ainstable.

Owner Barbara Hetherington is one of the UK's leading breeders, and she says the boys will be mated with some of her award winning females to provide babies with a denser, finer fleece.

What was important about these boys was that we did lots of research into their dams, they both have exceptional mothers, obviously there are no guarantees but it helps the prospects of them passing on their very good genetics to our herd.

– Barbara Hetherington

Kim Inglis went to meet the new alpacas, and you can watch her full report here:


RSPCA issues 56 warnings to Appleby Horse Fair attendees in first 24 hours

A horse is washed in the river Eden on the first day of the Horse Fair Credit: PA

Yesterday, the RSPCA gave out 56 minor warnings to Appleby Horse Fair visitors, as well as two warnings to people for over-exercising their horses in the hot weather.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Rob Melloy said:

People exercising horses at the Fair over the next few days need to do so with great care in the warm weather, so their horses have enough water and don’t become exhausted. An exhausted horse can take up more than 24 hours to recover. Our officers and the volunteers from other animal welfare charities working here will be proactively working to address this issue.

– RSPCA Chief Inspector Rob Melloy

The first 24 hours of the Horse Fair have seen little disorder, although the Ambulance service dealt with two incidents yesterday, including treating a young person who had taken a psychoactive substance (‘legal high’) known as ‘Spice’.

Superintendent Mark Pannone from Cumbria Police said:

Since last week the law has changed and it is now illegal for people to supply (‘deal’) in new psychoactive active substances which were formerly known as ‘legal highs’. These substances carry an inherent risk; as the people who use them are not aware of what they are taking and its effects.

– Superintendent Mark Pannone

Appleby Horse Fair visitors given fire extinguishers and training by Cumbria firefighters

Credit: PA

Visitors to the Appleby Horse Fair have been given advice on how to tackle small blazes early.

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service provided fire extinguishers and training at Fair Hill, where thousands of travellers and gypsies park their caravans during the event.

In this type of environment there's always the possibility of a fire starting and if not dealt with early it could spread to other caravans, vehicles, etc. So an early attack is really important and we feel that this will help in giving us that first attack quick defence of fire.

– Kevin Johnston, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service

Appleby Horse Fair gets underway in Cumbria

Horses bathe in the River Eden at the Horse Fair in Appleby, Cumbria, the annual gathering of gypsies and travellers. Credit: PA

The historic Appleby Horse Fair is underway.

It's the biggest annual gypsy fair in Europe and sees thousands of the travelling community joined by thousands more visitors.

Organisers say they're pleased people have listened to advice by not arriving too early.

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