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Former Carlisle MP believes Labour could regain control of city

Former Carlisle MP Eric Martlew tells ITV Border's Hannah McNulty he believes Labour could regain control of the city Credit: ITV Border

MPs are voting this afternoon on whether to back Theresa May's demand for a snap general election.

Parties across Cumbria and the south of Scotland will begin selecting their candidates to fight the election on 8 June.

Former Carlisle MP Eric Martlew believes Labour could regain control of the city from the Conservatives but thinks the party should've pushed for the date of the vote to be delayed.

If I have a criticism of what has gone on this week, the labour party have just said yes we're going to have a general election. If I had been there I'd say we'll have a general election but not on the 8th June we'll have it all a fortnight later and give us all time to get ready for it. They should've been bargaining on this you can't refuse to have a general election because it makes you look frightened."

– Eric Martlew, Former Carlisle MP



David Mundell announces intention to run in 2017 General Election

David Mundell will be putting himself forward as a candidate in the 2017 General Election Credit: PA

Secretary of State for Scotland and Conservative MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, David Mundell has announced his intention to run in the proposed 2017 General Election.

The MP tweeted:

This comes after UK Prime Minister, Theresa May's announced her intention to have a snap general election on Thursday, the 8th of June.

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