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Salmond: Continuing trade is 'right and proper'

Prime Minister David Cameron is North of the border making his business case for Scotland to stay in the UK.

He's described Britain as one of the 'oldest and most successful single markets'.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond says that the 'single market' will remain if Scotland became independent and that continuing trade between countries is 'right and proper':


Cameron: Union supports one million Scottish jobs

David Cameron will tell business leaders tonight that the United Kingdom supports one million Scottish jobs, as he hopes to make the business case for the country remaining in the Union.

David Cameron will call the Union  one of the world's
David Cameron will call the Union one of the world's Credit: David Cheskin/PA Archive

"Scotland does twice as much trade with the rest of the UK than with the rest of the world put together," the Prime Minister will say in a speech to CBI Scotland in Glasgow this evening.

For some industries, the proportion of trade with the rest of the UK is even higher - 90% of Scottish financial services' customers are in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Then there's the world-famous gaming industry, cutting-edge sub-sea technology and life-saving biomedicine - all selling far more outside Scotland than inside.

– David Cameron to CBI Scotland

The Prime Minister will attribute this success to the "skill of people in Scotland ... and the opportunities that come from being part of something bigger".


Fishing study stopped early

The study was due to run until mid-September Credit: PA

A study into cockle fishing on the Solway has concluded after the contractor withdrew from the project.

It was due to run until mid-September but has stopped early because of difficult conditions and low prices in key markets. The fishery will remain closed until further notice.

Borders boast business energy saving potential

Solar panels
Credit: PA

People and businesses and people in the Scottish Borders are being encouraged to consider using renewable energy.

Expert advisors and accredited installers will advise how to save energy in the home and how businesses or communities could generate their own heat and electricity.

'The Scottish Borders is rich in renewable energy potential. Wind, hydro and biomass can all contribute to a thriving low-carbon economy, supporting local businesses, developing new skills and benefiting local communities in the area.'

– Jim Johnstone, Principal Officer (Business) from Business Gateway

The exhibition, hosted by Scottish Borders Council and Business Gateway, will be held at Springwood Hall in Kelso on 30th September.


New factory creates 70 jobs

70 jobs will be created at a new factory in Cumbria.

TIS Cumbria Limited has opened its new workshop and rig hall in Workington. It's the largest new build fabrication facility in the area for more than 30 years.

The jobs that will be created from the new factory will include apprentices, to try and fill the skills shortage in the local area.

Tony O'Pray from TIS Cumbria Ltd explains more below:

26 Cumbrians find jobs with local work scheme

A new scheme, aimed at improving the job prospects of people in Cumbria, has resulted in 26 people gaining employment in the area.

Half of those that completed the programme, launched by Sellafield Ltd, are said to be starting new jobs with a range of companies both inside and outside of the nuclear industry.

37-year-old Paul Tomlinson lost his job of 10 years, as a manager of Whitehaven Civic Hall, last year but is now a planner on the Sellafield site since completing the programme:

“I had no idea really what I’d do next but I came across this scheme in the local newspaper and immediately saw it as a way to put myself in a better position to get back into work.

The scheme involved some training and some work experience – and although I had lots of experience of doing a certain job I was pleasantly surprised to find out how transferable my skills were.

You won’t get handed a job on a plate but it can do wonders for your confidence, and gives you the platform to show prospective employers what you have to offer.”

– Paul Tomlinson, candidate of the 'Ready to Work' programme

19-year-old Abbie Wilkinson also has started a new job since completing the scheme:

“I completed my A-Levels and was working part-time in a shop, but I was struggling to find more long-term opportunities and I didn’t want to leave the area. There’s nothing wrong with shop work, but I’m young and I wanted a full-time role with long term prospects, a career rather than a job. I applied for the Ready for Work scheme as a way of opening up more doors, and I’m really glad I did as it very useful."

– Abbie Wilkinson, candidate of the 'Ready to Work' scheme

The 'Ready for Work' scheme was launched in January by Sellafield Ltd and is managed by Inspira. It offers personal programmes to help enhance employability, for example by improving skills, gaining qualifications, boosting confidence and offering work experience.

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