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'The Great Border City' vs 'the City of the Lakes'

Next, when you think of Carlisle, what springs to mind? The Castle? Hadrian's Wall? What about Lakes? The Great Border City - as it's been known for years - is being given a new identity.

Carlisle isbeing re-labelled the 'City of the Lakes' to make it more attractive to investors. Hannah McNulty has been finding out more.

Cumbrian businesses debate devolution

How could more devolved powers for England affect companies in Cumbria? Business organisations in the county have welcomed the idea in principle but want to make sure it's done in the right way.

Tim Backshall has been to one engineering firm in South Cumbria which had supported the idea of Scottish independence but now believes there are great opportunities ahead if more powers are given to Northern England.


Carlisle: City of the Lakes?

Tens of thousands of pounds has been spent to re-brand Carlisle as a 'City of the Lakes' instead of the 'Border City'. However, this has been met with mixed opinions.

Tony Blaney, from the Lakes Hospital Group, says it's a bad idea as it will taint the lakes with the association with a city and will leave visitors annoyed when they get to Carlisle and discover they're actually 40 miles and an hour away from the lakes:

On the other hand Nigel Wilkinson, from Windermere Lakes Cruises, says if Carlisle wants to spend its budget promoting the lakes then it could be a good move for tourism:

Maryport fish plant confirms closure

64 jobs will be lost with the closure of Brookside Products Limited Credit: ITV Border

Brookside Products Limited, in Maryport, has confirmed it will close.

The company, which smokes, prepares and packages salmon for the retail market, is said to have lost £4 million in the last three years. 64 jobs will be lost.

"The 30 day consultation period has passed and whilst initially there seemed to be a reasonable level of interest in the facility, discussions with interested parties have now come to an end and no formal offers have been received. We have explored all the options and there seems to be no viable alternatives. Sadly, this means the facility will now close.

We are very sorry we will have to close the factory but we have no alternative given the substantial losses in recent years. This is a sad day for us all.”

– Doug Aitchison, Director of Brookside Products

Council promote Carlisle as the 'City of the Lakes'

City of the Lakes - that's how Carlisle Council's promoting the city to the rest of the country.

It's part of a scheme to draw in more business, but the move has received criticism from some companies who say Carlisle isn't in the Lake District.

Jason Gooding is the Chief Executive at Carlisle City Council and says that the re-branding is about 'driving growth':

Devolution could offer 'more opportunities' for Cumbria

Marl International makes LED lights and systems in Ulverston Credit: ITV Border

Marl International, an LED lights factory in Ulverston, had hoped Scotland would go independent.

Adrian Rawlinson, its Managing Director, thinks independence could have made Cumbria a major trading hub for Scotland. But now he says more powers for England could mean more powers for Cumbria, which would be better for business.

The Institute of Directors in Cumbria says the county will benefit from Scotland staying in the union and devolution will offer 'more opportunities' for Cumbria.

Credit: ITV Border


Friendship cairn grows after 'No' vote

A friendship cairn in Gretna has continued to grow after Thursday's vote.

It became a symbol for the union in the run up to the referendum but people are still leaving stones with messages on them. One of the cairn's founders says she hopes MPs will now come together in the best interests of everyone:

Conservative MPs meet to discuss referendum fall-out

Senior Conservatives will meet later to discuss plans for reform at Westminster in response to the Scottish referendum result. The "no vote" has raised fresh questions on both sides of the border about new powers for Scotland, and whether Scottish MPs should still be allowed to vote on English-only matters.

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