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Clydesdale Bank: will my branch close? and where is my nearest one?

The Castle Douglas branch of Clydesdale Bank is set to close its doors for good Credit: PA

Scores of jobs are set to go in the region after Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank announced it is to close 79 branches nationwide.

The Unite union said more than 400 jobs would go and labelled the decision "deeply devastating" to the employees.

The closures amount to a third of the bank's branches and is the largest-ever closure plan by the company which will radically change the face of the bank, according to Unite.

Yorkshire Bank will close 39 branches and Clydesdale 40.

The company said the number of customers using their bank for day-to-day transactions across the industry had fallen by a third since 2011, while there had been a "sharp and sustained increase in digital and mobile engagement".

Where will the axe fall in our region - and how far to the nearest branch?

Castle Douglas

  • Closure date : 25th April 2017
  • Nearest Branch : Dumfries
  • Distance to nearest Branch : 18 miles


WATCH: Attracting Americans to the Scottish Borders

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A new video showcasing the best of the Scottish Borders has been created by Visit Scotland.

It's part of a three-year campaign to market the Borders Railway internationally, and put the new 100-mile track on the map.

This video is specifically geared towards attracting more visitors from the United States.

At Visit Scotland we've identified the US market as our biggest single market. We're doing the video to attract people to show them the stunning scenery that's available in the Borders and some of the attractions across the region."

– Doug Wilson, Regional Director Visit Scotland

Local MSP criticises 'hammer blow' to sports funding

Brian Whittle MSP is a former Olympic athlete. Credit: PA

A South of Scotland MSP has accused the Scottish Government of landing "a hammer blow" to sports funding, in the latest budget.

Conservative Brian Whittle, a former Olympian, has pointed to an 8.3 percent reduction to funding for sports over the next two years.

This is a hammer blow to Scottish sport, at a time where the Scottish Government continues to talk about addressing Scotland’s growing preventable health crisis.

When every study and expert agrees that a major factor in reducing instances of preventable disease is increasing activity, I am at a loss to understand why the SNP would decide to slash the budget responsible for promoting and developing sport."

– Brian Whittle MSP, Conservative


Scottish Budget: The key points

ITV Border's Political Editor Peter MacMahon is following the Scottish Budget closely, as Finance Secretary Derek Mackay delivers it in Holyrood.

Here are some of the key points he has picked out.

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