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Sellafield walk-out is over scaffolding

Around 1,300 contractors based at Sellafield have walked out Credit: ITV Border

The mass walk-out at Sellafield has reportedly been caused by a dispute between two companies over who owns a piece of scaffolding at the site.

The union UNITE is claiming its members may not be insured to touch the equipment.

The main contractor Doosan Babcock has said it's in talks with unions to try and resolve the matter.

"Doosan Babcock can confirm that it is in consultation with its employee union representatives to fully understand and resolve the unofficial industrial strike action undertaken at Sellafield.

"While those talks are underway, we are unable to comment further."

– Spokesperson, Doosan Babcock


Listed building in Brampton to become Cranstons

The building will become one of the biggest retail outlets in the town Credit: ITV Border

The former HSBC bank in Brampton is to be turned into a food hall.

The bank closed a year ago, angering local people and throwing the future of the Grade Two listed building into uncertainty.

Now Cranstons has completed a deal to create one of the biggest retail outlets in the town.

Sellafield Ltd responds to strike

Sellafield Ltd says it's taking steps to secure safety and security at the site during the walk-out Credit: ITV Border

Around 1,300 contractors based at Sellafield have walked out over a dispute between a main contractor and a sub-contractor.

Those striking work for a number of sub-contracting firms that operate under the umbrella of the National Agreement for Engineering and Construction Industry and were reportedly working on building projects.

Sellafield Ltd has responded to the "unofficial action", stating that the dispute does not directly involve the company.

"Sellafield Ltd is not directly involved in the dispute, which does not involve any of our employees, but we have taken steps to ensure that safety and security at the site are unaffected by this unofficial action, and we will be closely monitoring further developments.

"This unofficial action is as a result of a dispute between a main contractor and a sub-contractor"

– Spokesperson, Sellafield Ltd


Mass walk-out at Sellafield

More than 1,000 contractors have walked out at Sellafield Credit: ITV Border

Around 1,300 contractors based at Sellafield have walked out.

Workers downed tools at midday and are not expected to return to the site until Wednesday.

The industrial action is the result of a dispute between a main contracting firm and a sub-contracting firm on the nuclear plant where more than 10,000 workers are based.

Controversial plans for Penrith pass

A new Premier Inn is to be built in Penrith Credit: ITV Border

Controversial plans for a budget hotel in the centre of Penrith have been approved by Eden planners.

A Premier Inn will be built in the New Squares area of the town, despite some bed and breakfast owners opposing the idea.

But Planners said they were likely to turn down an application for a petrol station, close to the new hotel. The final decision is will be made at a later meeting.

A guided tour of the Lake District's Stickle Tarn as it goes up for sale

The Lake District National Park Authority has put seven sites up for sale, including the iconic Stickle Tarn.

The Tarn's well known to fell walkers, set within the Langdale Pikes, 1,500 feet above sea level - and three miles west of Grasmere.

It has a guide price of between £20,000 and £30,000 and is already attracting interest.

But not everyone is pleased it is up for sale.

Our correspondent Hannah McNulty made the hour long hike up it to find out who may want to buy it.

The swimmers in the piece are professionals and were being supervised and were only in the water for a short amount of time.

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