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£8 million office block opens for Sellafield workers

A major milestone for both Whitehaven and Sellafield was reached today with the opening of an eighteen million pound office block in the town.

Albion Square will eventually have 1,000 Sellafield workers moving in, freeing up space at Sellafield for decommissioning.

A warning that flashing images feature in Lori Carnochan's report.

Sellafield development to house 1,000 employees

The Albion Square development Credit: ITV News Border

The new Albion Square development, which will house 1,000 Sellafield employees, opens in Whitehaven today.

It's hoped the £18 million project, comprising two four-storey buildings which take up one hundred thousand square feet, will bring more money into the town's economy.


Plunging milk prices causing debate

Protests over milk price cuts Credit: PA

Hundreds of dairy farmers protesting at plunging milk prices are expected to turn out for a meeting in Penrith this evening.

Farmers for Action have organised the event which will see farmers and businesses from the region discuss the issue.

Some farmers claim they have faced revenue losses of up to 25 per cent.

Tata Workington plant sell-off

Tata Steel's Workington branch under threat Credit: ITV News Border

The future of the 250 workers in Workington is under threat after Tata Steel agreed to sell it's Long Products Business.

Indian-based Tata said it had signed an agreement with the Swiss company Klesch Group. The sale, if it goes ahead, will reduce the number of Tata Steel's UK employees from 17,500 to 11,500. Tata's site in Shapfell, near Penrith, which employs 26 people, will be unaffected.


Kendal K Village no longer outlet shopping

Planners in Kendal have allowed the K Village to change from being an outlet shopping centre to a general one.

It's a controversial ruling as some fear it will take trade away from shops in the town center but it's been struggling financially and recently came out of administration so planners felt it would be better to save jobs and keep the centre active.

'It was quicker to drive to Carlisle'

Scruffy Dog Media in Cleator Moor is one company that's just been connected to superfast broadband. Credit: ITV Border

Connecting Cumbria - a partnership between Cumbria County Council and BT - is celebrating getting 50,000 homes and businesses online with super fast broadband in 12 months.

Scruffy Dog Media in Cleator Moor is one company that's just been connected to superfast broadband.

"It's so important for companies to have access to modern means of communication. For us it's a vital way of reaching our clients. Before we'd have to leave files uploading over night. Once it was quicker for me to drive to Carlisle than have some designs sent over the internet."

– Lorna Hardy of Scruffy Dog Media

To get superfast broadband when it's been installed, the customer has to order an upgrade and has access to a number of internet service providers.

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