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Keswick parking charge rise met with 4,000 protest signatures

Credit: ITV Border

Businesses in Keswick have gathered almost 4,000 signatures on a petition asking Allerdale Borough Council not to raise car parking charges.

The council has proposed lowering charges in places like Maryport and raising them in Keswick, to make £3.5million worth of savings and to encourage more people to use long-stay car parks.


Tesco Carlisle store re-opens for first time since floods

Carlisel United players were on hand to officially re-open the store Credit: ITV Border

Carlisle's Tesco superstore reopens today after being closed following last December's floods.

Everything inside the store is brand new after the flood water destroyed everything in its path.

The store's 400 staff had been redistributed but are now back in the city.

To just get the store back and the community, customers to be coming in and shopping would be great. For the colleagues themselves to have been out over the last seven and a half weeks all over the county, working in various stores, they just want to have a home back.

– Phil Pearson, Store Manager


Praise for good behaviour on 'Black Eye Friday'

People are encouraged to drink water in between alcoholic drinks Credit: ITV News Border

People across the south of Scotland and Cumbria have been praised for their good behaviour on what is known as 'black eye Friday'.

The last Friday before Christmas is statistically one of the busiest of the year for emergency services, with many businesses finishing for the year and hosting their annual parties.

However, across Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders, there were very few incidents recorded.

People are being reminded to drink in moderation Credit: ITV News Border

In Dumfries, the Pub Watch scheme had no reports of any violence or misconduct throughout the night.

The group co-ordinator, Jackie Dickson, says she thinks people are beginning to listen to the message about being sensible with their alcohol consumption, and eating a meal before heading to the pub.

"It was a very busy night but it was trouble free. Everyone was in the festive spirit and enjoying themselves.

"We had two events running between Slipstream and the 102 Club and they were both well attended with no incidents.

"A lot of people were out but they were well behaved and had plenty of water too."

– Jackie Dickson, Co-ordinator, Pub Watch Dumfries and Galloway
Jackie Dickson praised party-goers in Dumfries Credit: ITV News Border

It was a similar story at another of the town's busy pubs, where there was a band night on.

Rosie Bunney, Manager, Urban Grill Credit: ITV News Border

"The atmosphere was great, everyone was having a good time without any issues and there were no issues from people i've spoken to on the same street.

"We would like to remind people however that violence will not be tolerated over the festive season and throughout the year, so urge everyone to stay in good spirits and enjoy their night."

– Rosie Bunney, Manager, Urban Grill

Tesco's temporary Carlisle store: opening times

Tesco. Credit: ITV Border

A temporary Tesco store is to open today in Carlisle, after the existing one was flooded.

The 10,000 square foot store has been built in the car park of the permanent store, at Rosehill.

The store will open to the public at 12pm today.

It will be open between 6am and midnight from Monday to Saturday, and between 10am and 4pm on Sundays.

Tesco's temporary Carlisle store opens today

The site of Tesco's temporary store Credit: ITV Border

Tesco is opening a temporary store in Carlisle today nearly two weeks after its main supermarket was flooded.

The new facility is in the carpark of the damaged store on Warwick Road.

Carlisle United stars Danny Grainger and Gary Dicker will be doing the official opening.

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