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Silloth Green named amongst best parks in Britain

Plenty of community events are held at Silloth Green. Credit: Silloth Green

Silloth Green has been officially recognised as one of the top parks and green spaces in Britain.

It's one of only 1,500 nationwide to be awarded the prestigious Green Flag status by the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

This Award recognises Silloth Green as a well-managed, high quality green space, which could not have been achieved without the dedicated work of our Town Council staff, grounds maintenance team, and community volunteers.”

– Tony Markley, Mayor of Silloth

Four other green spaces in the Border region also made the list:

  • Dock Park - Dumfries
  • Chances Park – Carlisle
  • Penrith Cemetery
  • Alston Cemetery

You can find more details about our winners here.

Council against seagull cull

The Deputy Mayor of Copeland Borough Council says they're against the idea of culling seagulls.

Councillor Lena Hogg wants the council, and local people, to do more to eliminate the food seagulls eat:

What the council are looking at is eliminating the food source, and that means emptying the bins more regularly, removing any debris or food that's lying about, and we would ask the public to do exactly the same."

– Cllr Lena Hogg, Deputy Mayor, Copeland Borough Council


Seagull attacks in Whitehaven

The council has defended its record when it comes to seagulls. Credit: PA

A council in West Cumbria has defended its record on tackling seagulls.

It comes after a number of people have reported being attacked by gulls this summer in Whitehaven town centre.

Copeland's deputy mayor says the situation is being monitored, and insists that steps are being taken.

Drop in Giant Hogweed in Dumfries and Galloway

Giant Hogweed near the River Nith. Credit: ITV Border

There has been a significant drop in the amount of Giant Hogweed found on river banks across Dumfries and Galloway.

The highly poisonous and invasive species grows close to rivers in the region, including the River Nith.

The Nith Catchment Fisheries Trust has been trying to eradicate the plant, but they say it'll take around 15 years before it disappears completely.

200 years of Tweed management could change

The River Tweed brings £18 million to the Borders economy Credit: ITV Border

The management of the River Tweed could change following a review of river management in Scotland.

The Scottish Government are consulting the public on plans to reform fisheries across the country.

It means the River Tweed Commission, which has managed the river for more than 200 years, could be replaced.

They argue that a centralised Scottish management system wouldn't work for the Tweed as it crosses the Border with England.

Nick Yonge from The Tweed Commission said:

Fisheries management is very variable throughout Scotland but the Tweed is very different, it has its own law, it covers both sides of the Border both in Scotland and in England, it has been set up by both Westminster and Holyrood governments. We think the River Tweed Commission satisfies all requirements and objectives that the Scottish government has laid out, which it does through this special legislation that it already has.

– Nick Yonge, River Tweed Commission

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said:

We are seeking to modernise and improve Scotland’s fisheries management system as a whole and the Tweed is part of that process.

The Tweed is one of Scotland’s best managed fisheries. In fact, many of the things that happen on the Tweed already to manage the health of the river, to grow the economic benefits which that supports and to involve a broad range of the local community are precisely the kind of things we want to achieve more consistently across Scotland as a whole.

We are consulting on the proposals at the moment and hope that as many people as possible in the Borders let us know their views and suggestions so that the steps we take can do the most to benefit both the Tweed itself and Scotland’s wild fisheries as a whole.

– Scottish Government spokesperson

The Public Consultation will be held until August 7th. A drop-in session is being held at the Ormiston Institute between 11am-3pm on the 22nd July.

Watch Jenny Longden's report here.

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