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Kendal K Village no longer outlet shopping

Planners in Kendal have allowed the K Village to change from being an outlet shopping centre to a general one.

It's a controversial ruling as some fear it will take trade away from shops in the town center but it's been struggling financially and recently came out of administration so planners felt it would be better to save jobs and keep the centre active.


Regeneration disturbs the waters in Stranraer

Dumfries and Galloway Council has approved plans that will see Stranraer benefit from almost half a million pounds of funding.

The money was saved after the new slip way at the harbour came in under budget.

But concerns have been raised that the public haven't been listened to, when considering the best way forwards for Stranraer's regeneration.

Fiona McIlwraith has this report.

Stranraer savings: where should the money go?

Stranraer's slip way cost less than expected, and councillors are discussing whether to spend the £500,000 savings on the town.

They're asking the public where they think the money should go.

"I would like to see some of the money spent on dredging the whole of the harbour and then working from there, with that as a blueprint."

– Ronnie Bowie, business owner

Boat hoist could 'cut off' fishermen

Developments at Stranraer Harbour are not popular with everyone Credit: ITV Border

Willie Scobie, Councillor for Stranraer and North Rhins, says a new boat hoist could cut off access to the harbour.

"The boat hoist is going to cut off, or has the potential to cut off access to the harbour for fishermen but really there has been no economic profile on this, we don't know just exactly how often this boat hoist is going to be used."

– Cllr Willie Scobie

Stranraer slip way saves £500,000

Money saved from building a slip way in Stranraer could go towards the regeneration of the town.

Councillors will discuss today whether to inject the money back into the local community.

Over £490,000 has been saved by putting in a smaller slipway and a boat lift, the public will be asked their views on how the money should be spent.


Taste Cumbria's fifth festival flourishes

The festival takes place during the last week in September. Credit: ITV Border

This year's Taste Cumbria festival was the 'biggest to date' according to organisers.

Around 35,000 people went to the festival in Cockermouth. Businesses at the festival and in the town also benefitted from the festival, with some reporting record takings.

“This year’s festival was amazing. After last year’s success, when 30,000 people came to Cockermouth and £1.9 million went into the local economy, we couldn’t wait to see how the event would grow this year – particularly as we had decided to concentrate totally on Cumbrian culinary talents, rather than bringing celebrity chefs from outside the county.

We’ve had great reports from the businesses in Cockermouth too – including those that don’t sell food. Some told us they had their best trading days so far this year, with one saying this weekend felt like the run up to Christmas!"

– Marie Whitehead, of CN Events, the festival organisers

The festival ran from the 26th to 28th September and was created after the floods in 2009 to revitalise the area.

The event featured a pop-up restaurant with Michelin-starred chef Simon Rogan, beer festival, a giant producers’ market, hot food court, chefs’ demonstrations and Cumbria Life master classes and family activities. Credit:
The 2014 sponsors were Allerdale Borough Council, Cockermouth Town Council, Jennings Brewery, Lakes Distillery, Trout Hotel, Westinghouse, Caterite and Cumbria Tourism. Credit: ITV Border

£200,000 boost to D&G events

Dizzee Rascal and Scottish favourites del Amitri performed at this year's Wickerman festival Credit: ITV Border

£200,000 will be available to boost festivals in Dumfries and Galloway.

The council have announced that the money will go towards ensuring there is something going on in the region all year round.

Already the area is home to a lot of successful events.

"We've got a number of events and festivals that take place that really put the region on the map, the Wickerman Festival, the Wigtown Book Festival, we had the Lockerbie Jazz Festival recently, there's a huge range of things taking place right across Dumfries and Galloway and I think more and more people are starting to realise the region is a really good place to visit if you want to go to major events and major festivals."

– Colin Smyth Dumfries & Galloway Council

Civic Centre: Art or an eyesore?

It's one of Cumbria's most controversial buildings and now campaigners on both sides are fighting to decide its future.

Carlisle Civic Centre frequently appears on 'ugliest buildings' lists across the country and now it could pulled down.

But as with most pieces of art - not everyone thinks the building should be scrapped. And some care so much, they've launched a petition urging people to give it a bit of love.

Matthew Taylor reports.

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