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Selkirk recycling centre reopens

Credit: ITV Border

Selkirk recycling centre reopens today, after being closed for five months to allow for essential flood works.

The centre was closed in February to make way for a diversion route for the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme to be extended through the site.

The work means homes and businesses can still be accessed while the installation of a new culvert requires a section of Dunsdale Hough road to be shut.



Lakeland reopen their Windermere flagship store

Credit: ITV Border

Kitchen company, Lakeland, has reopened it's flagship store in Windermere after a £1million refurbishment.

The shop attracts around 500,000 customers every year.

people in Cumbria are employed by the family-run business.

There's no new jobs that have been created here as a result of this refit. But obviously, a huge investment in the local area and that's been good for suppliers and other business contacts who will be part of this redevelopment."

– Bob Granger, Finance and Retail Director, Lakeland

Lorry driver training business hopes to fill skill shortage

A business employing fifty people has been set up near Carlisle, to train lorry drivers.

The company is supported by major local employers and is looking to fill a major skills shortage in the haulage industry.

We've had an ageing profile and people not replacing that because of various factors. Now there are real opportunities for young people. Employers are crying out for new people who are well trained, eager to get on and eager to progress in this industry."

– Tony Higgins, System People
Credit: ITV Border
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