The cost of free school meals

From September Cumbrian schools will have an extra £1.15m to make sure all 4-7 year olds get free school meals.

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Research suggests women are more controlling and aggressive than men

A report suggests women are more aggressive than men in relationships Credit: PA

A report, by Dr Elizabath Bates from the University of Cumbria, suggests that women are more aggressive than men in relationships.

A questionnaire was given to 1104 students and asked about physical aggression and controlling behaviours to partners and same-sex others, including friends.

She found that women were more likely to be physically aggressive to their partners than men and men are more likely to be physically aggressive to other men. It was also found that women display more controlling behaviour than males.

This suggests that more work may need to be done to reduce violence towards men. It further suggests that more research into the causes of aggression towards a partner is needed.


Are women more aggressive than men? A new report says yes

A lecturer at the University of Cumbria has written a controversial report suggesting that women are more aggressive than men in relationships.

Dr Elizabeth Bates published findings based on interviews with more than a thousand students and says she hopes her study raises the issue of domestic violence against men and sees it taken more seriously.

Deputy Prime Minister gets behind Cumbrian education funding

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said he hopes a new fund announced by the Department of Education to help children from disadvantaged families will "help our youngest children get on in life."

It's hoped the new fund will make children better off in their education Credit: PA

He said:

“Every child in Cumbria deserves the chance to fulfil their potential, and this extra funding is a boost to help our youngest children get on in life and succeed.

“Boys and girls from poorer families have often already fallen nineteen months behind their better off classmates by the time they hang up their coat on the first day of school. Increasing their chances of success has got to be a top priority.”

Education boost for Cumbria's youngest children

The Department for Education has today announced that three and four year olds from low income families will benefit from a new £50 million fund aimed at preventing them from falling behind before they have even started school.

Nearly 1,000 children in Cumbria could benefit from the new Early Years Pupil Premium, which is estimated to be worth around £300 per pupil.

This would mean that Cumbria will receive more than £286,000 in additional funding.

US students take part in Sellafield exchange

Sellafield Credit: ITV News Border

Four US students are arriving in Cumbria to take part in an international exchange programme set up by global nuclear organisations.

The undergraduates will spend the summer gaining hands-on experience at Sellafield and the Low Level Waste Repository.

Students from West Cumbria will also be travelling to the Savannah River nuclear Site in the USA next month.


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