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Students wait nervously for GCSE results

Thousands of students in Cumbria will get their GCSE results today Credit: PA

Thousands of Cumbrian students will find out how they have done in their GCSE exams today.

Students will be returning to schools around the county to collect their results and find out if they've done as well as expected before they make their choices for their next step in life

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Teenagers in Cumbria may have felt nerves, excitement, relief and disappointment as they receive their A-level results. After months of hard work many students will be able to make a decision where to go next, whether they go into further education, take a gap year or go straight into employment.

Katie Hunter spent the morning at William Howard School in Brampton


Cumbrian students get higher grades than last year

Early indications are suggestive that students across Cumbria have achieved higher A-level grades than last year.

29% of students got three or more A and B grades. However, the amount of students getting at least one A-level or Level 3 qualification has stayed at the same level as last year.

“These initial results suggest that Cumbria’s students are on course for some excellent results again this year. Gaining good qualifications has never been so important in this very competitive education and employment market.

These results are a clear demonstration of the hard work and perseverance of students and school staff and of the support offered by parents and carers.

While we join in celebration, we must also recognise that amongst the many students involved, not everyone will achieve the results they had hoped for today. These young people will no doubt be in need of reassurance and they must take confidence in the support that is available for them, through their schools and colleges, to help them consider their next steps.”

– John Macilwraith, Cumbria County Council’s Acting Corporate Director for Children’s Services

However, further verification is needed into the exam result statistics and it's expected the results may vary as a result.

Wait is over for A-level results

Credit: PA

Thousands of teenagers across Cumbria are waking up to receive their A-level results this morning.

After months of hard work and revision, many will find out if they've made it into the university of their choice.

In Lookaround tonight (14th August) we'll be speaking to two people - who took two very different routes - about their further education.

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