The cost of free school meals

From September Cumbrian schools will have an extra £1.15m to make sure all 4-7 year olds get free school meals.

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Teens in education reminded to apply for £30 a week grant

Young people are being reminded to apply for Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

People aged 16 years and over before 28th February 2015, could get £30 a week. This is providing they are at school or college. Those who engage in an Activity Agreement for more than nine hours a week can also apply.

"The payments are paid every fortnight direct to the young person's own bank account. This encourages them to not only continue their education but also gives them essential budgeting skills for the future.

The EMA payments are dependent on attendance at school or college so it is not paid during school holidays or when attendance is below 100%."

– SBC’s Executive Member for Education, Councillor Sandy Aitchison

EMA payments are managed by Scottish Borders Council on behalf of the Scottish Government.

For more information and to apply for EMA, click here.

Prof Brian Cox to open Beacon Museum

Professor Brian Cox is an English physicist and former musician

Famous UK scientist, Brian Cox, will officially open the Sellafield Story Exhibition and the Beacon Museum at Whitehaven today (30th May).

The exhibition will allow visitors to learn about the history of the nuclear industry in West Cumbria. It will include archive material from Sellafield that hasn’t been seen before and presents various sides of the nuclear debate.


Volunteers needed to book up for Summer Reading Challenge

After reading six books children will get a medal, a wrist band and a certificate Credit: PA

Young volunteers are being called on to help with this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

The event is ran by Cumbria County Council and encourages four to 12 year olds to read during the summer holidays.

For encouragement, children are given a challenge pack, collect stickers on the way and will receive a medal and certificate after reading six books. There is also a new app which links to the Mythical Maze characters.

The county’s libraries need to recruit volunteers aged 14-24 to train before the launch in July. Volunteers will be needed for a minimum of 10 hours over the summer.

The challenge begins on the 12th July and ends 14th September.


Children in the dock for mock trial exercise

They will learn about the consequence of drinking too much alcohol Credit: ITV Border

Children in South Cumbria have been put on trial at Kendal Magistrates Court accused of crimes associated with drinking alcohol.

It's not a real trial though - they were put in the dock and judged by their class mates. They used real past cases to allow them to understand how drinking too much alcohol can land you in serious trouble with the law.

Borders College debates independence

Students at Borders College will take part in a debate on Scottish Independence today. Credit: PA

Students at Borders College will take part in a debate on Scottish Independence today.

The pupils will be given the chance to hear an overview of both campaigns and ask questions.

After the debate they'll be asked to vote on the referendum question - 'should Scotland be an independent country?' All the students attending will be old enough to vote in the real referendum in September.

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