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Baby meerkat surprises staff at Wetheriggs

The baby meerkat has not yet been named Credit: ITV Border

Staff at the Wetheriggs Animal Rescue Centre were surprised by a new arrival while clearing out the meerkats' pen.

They found a tiny baby meerkat, too small to move by herself, on the floor of the pen.

Doris, the baby's mother, gave birth to triplets in spring, but this time around nobody knew she was pregnant.

Staff at the Centre are currently moving the animals to a new home in County Durham, but this baby meerkat will be the last leave, as she's still too young for the journey.


Bookmarked event expects 20,000

More than 150 events will take place over 10 days Credit: ITV Border

Up to 20,000 people are expected to visit Wigtown from today for its celebrated book festival.

The event has become the biggest of its kind in Scotland and attracts some of the UK's top writers. More than 150 events will take place over 10 days days.

Learn CPR - Gangnam Style

A group which provides fast medical help for people in rural parts of Cumbria has come up with a novel way of teaching people what to do if someone's heart stops.

Calthwaite and District Community First Responders has released an online video showing people how to perform CPR.

The difference? It's set to the music of Gangnam Style.

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Harrison Ford visits Carlisle Airport

Carlisle Airport has confirmed that the Hollywood actor, Harrison Ford, stopped off at the city to refuel his helicopter.

He's in Britain filming the latest Star Wars movie, Episode VII, at Pinewood Studios. He gained international fame when he starred as Hans Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy in the 1970s and 80s.

He has starred in many other films include Indiana Jones, The Fugitive and What Lies Beneath.


C-Art celebrates 200 Cumbrian artists

The two week programme featured nearly 200 artists Credit: ITV Border

Cumbria's biggest visual arts event is celebrating another successful year with almost 200 artists opening their studio doors to visitors.

Nearly 200 galleries and workshops have been involved in C-Art 2014.

The two week long programme celebrates all types of art, crafts and design and runs until Sunday.

Detailing the life of a 'Cracker Packer'

The term 'cracker packer' will be familiar to anyone who grew up in Carlisle. It is the name long given in the city to workers at Carrs Biscuit factory.

A new book by Cumbrian author Hunter Davies explores the lives of six women who spent their lives on the production lines over a period of fifty years. Ryan Dollard reports.

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