Florence Mine film

A film based at Florence Mine in Egremont will premiere on Saturday 15th December.

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Full Report: Hawick exhibition relives music through the ages

From the Sex Pistols to the Everley Brothers - an exhibition has opened in Hawick that promises something for music fans of all ages.

Over 100 album sleeves have gone on display at the town's museum.

They date from the 1950s to the present day - and they are certain to jog a few memories. We sent Kathryn Samson along to take a look.

Watch her full report below.


Cumbrian author trades New York for St Bees

A vicar's wife who moved with her husband from New York to the Cumbrian seaside village of St Bees has drawn on the transition in her latest book.

Katharine Swartz's 'The Vicar's Wife' is a fictional account of a vicar's wife moving to a Cumbrian village and struggling to fit in.

Katharine is keen to stress while their are some parallels between her and the main character Jane she, her husband Cliff and their five children are very happy in St Bees.

"I did struggle a bit when we first moved here - mainly with the weather.

"But the people here are lovely, our children have a freedom they could

never have in New York and the scenery is stunning.

"This is a work of fiction but I hope people like the way St Bees is

portrayed. Though in the book it is called Goswell.

– Katharine Swartz


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