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'I'm in' - Dragon's Den Duncan Bannatyne supports Hugs For Noah

Duncan Bannatyne with Noah Credit: ITV Border

Duncan Bannatyne was among guests attending a gala dinner to raise money for a wheelchair for Noah.

Noah's parents were advised several times to terminate him before he was born.

He was diagnosed with Spina Bifida in the womb and later developed Hydrocephalus, a build up of fluid in his skull that destroyed all but 2% of his brain.

His mum was told to start planning her baby's funeral while she was still pregnant because doctors thought he may not survive a week.

He has continued to develop in ways that confound medical opinion:

  • Noah has a vocabulary of more than seventy words
  • Can to operate a wheelchair
  • Is potty training

These are all little victories his mum Shelly was told never to expect.

This chair helps Noah stand to strengthen his muscles Credit: ITV Border
Noah in his favourite toy, an indoor wheelchair Credit: ITV Border

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Slade drummer's first Scottish gig in 50 years

Slade had six number ones in the 1970s. Credit: PA

Don Powell, drummer of 70s glam rock band Slade, will perform in the Borders for charity in July.

It is almost 50 years since Slade played their first ever Scottish gig in August 1965, in Hawick, back when they were known as the N'Betweens.

Powell plans to stop by Hawick Town Hall before visiting Kelso Bikefest where he will sign autographs and play with bands to raise awareness for autism. Kelso Bikefest begins on the 4th July.

Collabro to begin tour in Carlisle

Classical boy band Collabro won Britain's Got Talent earlier this month Credit: Talkback Thames

Britain's Got Talent winners Collabro are set to open their first UK tour in Carlisle.

The classical boy band will open their 23-date tour in the Sands Centre on Tuesday, 27 January 2015.

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The performance will see 20-year-old Matthew Pagan perform in his home city for the first time since winning the competition.

The will be supported by BGT runner-up Lucy Kay.


Snow leopard cubs are a 'first for the North of England'

The cubs have not been named as they have not been sexed Credit: Debs Hollingsworth

The birth of two snow leopards in Cumbria is a 'first for the North of England', says the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis.

Snow leopards are endangered and their population numbers are decreasing. It's said that protecting wild snow leopards is particularly difficult as they are shy creatures that live in harsh habitats. They also are spread across 12 countries, some of which are divided by war.

The cubs are part of an international breeding program and there is a chance that the cubs may be sent to host countries to re-establish the snow leopard population.

As is clear in the video, snow leopards are sensitive mothers. Staff have had to exercise particular caution to not disturb the mother, Tara.

Watch: Tara protects new-born cubs

In a few weeks the cubs will be more active and as they venture outside, visitors will be able to watch the cubs explore with their surroundings.

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