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Tree disease tackled in Dumfries

Credit: Forest Enterprise Scotland

Infected trees in forests at Mabie and Heathhall in Dumfries are being removed over the next few months.

Forest Enterprise Scotland is advising people that access to to these forests will be restricted when felling operations start.

The felling will remove trees that are infected with Phytophthora ramorum - a disease which has badly affected larch in the south west of Scotland for several years.

Some un-infected larch will also be removed to help reduce the rate of spread of infection.

The felling will impact on the landscape but it will give us the opportunity to improve the design of the forest. The affected areas will be replanted as soon as possible."

– Forest Enterprise Scotland


Roman bullets unearthed near Ecclefechan

The lead sling bullets found at a Roman fort near Ecclefechan Credit: ITV Border

An excavation of an ancient Roman hill fort in the south of Scotland has uncovered scores of lead sling bullets - thought to be the largest find of it's kind in Britain.

It's believed they could have been used during a large siege at a Roman fort near Ecclefechan.

It's an incredibly exciting thought and theory to work on and it certainly, if it's proved that was the case, then it's a very dramatic event that took place in Scottish history."

– Fiona Wilson, Dumfries Museum

Cumbria Green Build Festival begins

Credit: ITV Border

A week of events aimed at encouraging people in Cumbria to make their homes and buildings more energy efficient has begun.

The Cumbria Green Build Festival includes visits to private homes to see how people have installed renewables, through to visits to wind farms and hydro schemes.

The programme is as follows:

  • Mon 19th September: Lake District Green Build Bus Tour
  • Tue 20th September : Passivhaus & EnerPHit Workshop
  • Wed 21st September: Greening Your Structure and Blencathra Centre Tour and Hydro Visit in a Twizy and Insulating Solid Walls Workshop
  • Thu 22nd September: Installing Renewables in Existing Buildings and Passivhaus
  • Fri 23rd September: Anaerobic Digester Visit and Airtightness Workshop
  • Sat 24th September: Passivhaus Factory Tour & House Visit and Wind Farm Tour & Home with Solar & Grass Roof
  • Sun 25th September: Visit to the Clay Dabbin Earth-Build Exhibition Centre


Flood prevention works started at Swindale Beck

Work at Swindale beck is under way Credit: ITV Border

There are new efforts near Haweswater in the Lake District to protect towns like Kendal from flooding.

Swindale Beck has had its meandering curves returned.

It was straightened 200 years ago, but the RSPB, which runs the farm, says the bends will be better habitats for wildlife and will encourage the fields to flood, protecting towns further downstream.

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