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WATCH: the £750,000 Coniston conservation scheme

A project to improve the water quality at Coniston has been awarded more than £750,000 of Lottery funding.

The water quality in the iconic lake has been declining in recent years, and the Conserving Coniston & Crake project has been set up to stop this.

The scheme is being led by South Cumbria Rivers Trust, and the local community's Coniston & Crake Catchment Partnership.

They will be arranging community conservation projects, and activities for families and local schools, and are calling for more volunteers to get involved.


Flood alert in place for Scottish Borders

A flood alert is in place. Credit: SEPA

A flood alert remains in place for the Scottish Borders until further notice.

Heavy showers are expected in the afternoon and evening, which could result in some localised flooding from surface water.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency says this could lead to travel disruption and flooding to low lying land, roads and sensitive communities, lasting into Saturday night.

Advice and information is available through Floodline on 0345 9881188.

Thundery showers are possible in Cumbria and eastern parts of Dumfries and Galloway, but flood alerts are not currently in place.


Work to stop Carlisle road slipping into river

The road runs alongside a steep drop down to the River Eden. Credit: ITV Border

Engineers are assessing what work is needed to strengthen a stretch of Etterby Road in Carlisle, which is in danger of slipping into the River Eden below.

The road sits atop a steep 20-metre drop into the river, and there are fears further erosion could lead to the road collapsing.

Work to repair the road and shore up the river bank is expected to be complex, and is likely to take place later this summer or even next year.

Two phases of work will take place.

One is putting in scour protection at the bottom of the slope, to prevent the river actually scouring out the slope at all in the future.

And secondly what we'll be looking at doing is installing sheet piles in the verge at the top of the road, in order that if there is further scouring in the future the road will be protected.

– David Haughian, Project Manager
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