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Selkirk Recycling Centre five day closure

House holders are being advised that Selkirk's community recycling centre will close for five days.

The shut down is required for a new water pipe to be laid through the Riverside site.

Its all part of the town's £31 million Flood Protection Scheme.

“We recognise that the advanced works will present difficulties for people living and working in Selkirk, in particular in the Riverside area. However, this is a vital phase of the scheme which will ensure the main works run efficiently over the next two years. We thank the people of Selkirk for their patience so far and hope to continue to work alongside them.”

– Conor Price, Project Manager

The closure will run from Monday 20th October and re-open on Saturday 26th October.


Mud and slurry on the line stops train services

Mud and slurry blocking the Newcastle-Carlisle line. Credit: Network rail

A mudslide in Cumbria has stopped all train services between Newcastle and Carlisle.

Network Rail workers are currently on-site trying to pump mud and slurry off the tracks.

Despite earlier indications that the line would re-open at 12, Network Rail said they are doing "everything they can" but could not confirm a time for the service to return to normal.

Replacement bus services are in place.

The train line is blocked at Brampton Fell, just outside Brampton. Credit: Network Rail

Train line expected to reopen at 12noon

Mud on the line has suspended all services between Carlisle and Newcastle.

The line is has been closed since 9am this morning and expected to reopen at around 12noon once the debris on the line just outside Brampton has been cleared.

A spokesman from ScotRail said: "We would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused by this incident, which was beyond our control."

Replacement bus services are running between Carlisle and Hexham and Hexham and Newcastle.


All fur the good of the pine marten population

DNA from pine martens fur will be sent to Ireland Credit: ITV Border
Hair tubes tempts pine martens to leave DNA which can be used by scientists Credit: ITV Border

A project is helping conserve pine martens in Dumfries and Galloway.

DNA is collected from the animals to determine how big a gene pool there is in the area.

"The Commission asked us to set up some monitoring, some new monitoring work and it's a combination of hair tubes, which are these funny orange plastic tubes stuck to trees with food inside and that tempts the pine martens to come up and investigate the bait and then they leave some of their hair on these sticky patches and we can send them off to the lab to get them DNA typed."

– Dr Johnny Birks, Ecologist

Proposed wind turbines to bring in £105,000

Airvolution say the 23 Mega Watt development will result in £105,000 a year in local community benefits. Credit: Frank May/DPA/Press Association Images

A new planning application has been submitted for a wind farm development near the Borders village Lauder.

London-based Airvolution Energy Limited want to erect seven turbines on agricultural land at Muircleugh Farm, two miles south west of Lauder. The company previously withdrew an application to put up six turbines at Muircleuch.

After a fresh look at the site, they have come up with a re-sign that involves seven turbines reaching a height of 110 metres.

Airvolution say the 23 Mega Watt development will result in £105,000 a year in local community benefits. Planners at Scottish Borders Council will consider the application within the next few months.

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