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Cumbrian mountaineer captures 'solar corona' on Antarctic expedition

Leo Houlding Credit: Berghaus

A Cumbrian mountaineer and his team have captured images of a rare 'solar corona' display on their expedition in Antarctica.

Leo Houlding, from the Lake District, along with Jean Burgun and Mark Sedon are on a journey to climb the 750m south buttress of a peak called the Spectre.

The 'solar corona' they spotted shows the outermost part of the sun's atmosphere, usually seen during a solar eclipse.

Solar corona Credit: Berghaus

Leo sent this message:

We’ve seen a few halos around the sun, but yesterday either somebody slipped something into our porridge or we were blessed to witness an utterly psychedelic, three dimensional display of polar sun refraction and reflection.

For about half an hour we were overawed by what we were seeing. Photos don’t do it justice - it was truly amazing."

– Leo Houlding, British Rock Climber

The team still have 850km to cover before they complete their Antarctic journey, which started in early November.

WATCH: Essentials for fell-walking in winter conditions

Walking in the fells amid winter conditions can be extremely dangerous. Every year people are seriously injured or even killed.

If you're thinking of heading out in bad weather, rememeber that conditions can be treacherous when there's ice and snow around and it's vital to have the right equipment to stay safe:


Micro hydro-station hidden in the Lakes powers 300 homes

It's been a year since the National Trust powered up its micro-hydro station in the Ullswater Valley.

It was built using rocks washed down from the fells by Storm Desmond.

It uses the landscape of the Lake District to generate and supply electricity to the National Grid:

Golden eagle project launches in southern Scotland

Golden eagles will be taking to the skies of southern Scotland soon, when a project to boost their numbers takes flight this month.

The South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project was announced last year and secured £1.3million from The Heritage Lottery Fund.

The RSPB is now seeking new team members to work with local schools, communities, landowners and gamekeepers in Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders, to help raise awareness about golden eagles and their conservation needs.

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